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“Being an A.A. Loner, I have felt very out of things and on my own. 
But I do believe in the power of collective thought, 
whether for good or evil. 
Thus, I believe that the collective thought of the body of 
Alcoholics Anonymous throughout the world must have 
some effect on alcoholics, whether they are aware of it or not.”
Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa
1973 AAWS Inc.
Came to Believe, 30th printing 2004, pg. 87
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
We clearly realize that freedom’s inner kingdom 
cannot be touched by exterior attacks.
Those of us who have come to make regular use of prayer would no more do without it than we would refuse air, food, or sunshine. And for the same reason. When we refuse air, light, or food, the body suffers. And when we turn away from meditation and prayer, we likewise deprive our minds, our emotions, and our intuitions of vitally needed support.
Step Eleven doesn’t have to overwhelm me. Conscious contact with God can be as simple, and as profound, as conscious contact with another human being. I can smile. I can listen. I can forgive. Every encounter with another is an opportunity for prayer, for acknowledging God’s presence within me.
Today I can bring myself a little closer to my Higher Power. The more I choose to seek the beauty of God’s work in other people, the more certain of His presence I will become.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
The mind is a magnet and we attract that with which we identify the self. In order to get the most out of life we must learn consciously to change many of our habitual thought patterns. This is not easy, for our old thought patterns cling to us with great tenacity, but, being thought patterns, they can be reversed. If you are filled with fear, refill yourself with faith, for faith always overcomes fear.
Ernest Holmes

I told the doctor. that I wanted to unzip
of this coat o

f a body and step out of it.

I rise to taste the dawn, and find that love alone will shine today.
That which God said to the rose,
and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty,
He said to my heart,
and made it a hundred times more beautiful.


ACIM Workbook Lesson 325 Insights
“All things I think I see reflect ideas.”
The first paragraph in this lesson gives a concise description of the process of projection. Particularly, it points out that everything we experience is the effect of our decision of what we wish for. This is salvation’s keynote, because it places the control of what we experience directly in our own minds. We have full power over all that we experience. We are not a victim at the mercy of forces outside of us and beyond our control.
We have the power of decision. We can hold on to our insane wishes to be separate, unique and special and we will experience the effects of those wishes. But we can wish for something different. We can wish to let those go and seek instead to see with the Holy Spirit’s eyes. This is forgiveness. With this wish we see a kind and gentle world, a world of peace and happiness.
Is the world I see peaceful and joyful? Then I am wanting what the Holy Spirit wants. I am recognizing that my will and God’s are the same. I am wanting to see innocence and the unity I share with all my brothers in the one Self that is Love’s Extension.
Do I see conflict, loss and lack? Then I am holding on to insane wishes for separation and specialness. I think my will is in opposition to God’s Will as well as in opposition to the “wills” of all my brothers. In either case, it is I who have made the choice of what I want to see. By the grace of God, choosing insanity is not irrevocable. In every moment I can choose to let insanity go.
As I go through my day, I can be mindful of my thoughts. When I become aware of thoughts of judgment, which are thoughts of separation, I can bring these thoughts to the Holy Spirit and, with His help, let them go. Thus I forgive and once again see a peaceful, kind and gentle world. This is my dedication today as I remember “All things I think I see reflect ideas.”
In Chapter 15, Section VI., paragraphs 4-5 and 7 of the Text, (pgs. 315-316) Jesus tells us that like God, we are an idea. “What you find difficult to accept is the fact that, like your Father, you are an idea. And like Him, you can give yourself completely, wholly without loss and only with gain.” (4:5) “In the holy instant you recognize the idea of Love in you, and unite this idea with the Mind that thought it, and could not relinquish it.” (5:3) In returning to God, we are returning to the idea of Love in us. We stop trying to change our true Identity as Love. We are willing to realize that any ideas that are different from the idea of Love in us are just made up dreams.
Today I open to the all encompassing idea of Love in my mind. Today I choose to join with the idea of Love and let go of wanting to project insane ideas that reflect separation and individuality. I would follow. I would not lead. Only the Idea of Love reflects the truth. Let me behold the truth today. I choose to return to Reality.
It always helps me to know why things happen the way they do and this lesson does, indeed, describe the process of projection. There is a great sense of power knowing that I can stop insanity at the level in which it begins; in this case, my mind.
I really do have control over my world. I am the dreamer of my dream, the writer of my script and I have the power to change the script and eliminate the parts that make me uncomfortable or unhappy. It’s a process and these lessons guide me and speed up that process when I allow myself to make that choice.
Today, I too, open myself to the idea of love, all encompassing, in all I do, all I experience. I know, without a doubt, that if I stay focused on this idea, my world will be at peace today and I know this because this is my Father’s will for me.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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The Gospel preserves a record of Jesus’ words on this holy occasion; but readers should realize—and try to feel within themselves as though they, too, were present—that behind those words was the tangible vibratory presence of God. During times of divine fellowship (satsanga) such as Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, those who are receptive feel transported into a higher consciousness of God-perception pouring into their hearts and minds as the master speaks. This attunement imbues the devotee’s consciousness, in the highest way, whenever he summons the guru’s grace in the inner temple of deep, worshipful meditation. 
Paramahansa Yogananda
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