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 Eye Opener (1950)
Promises, vows, pledges, resolutions, doctors, preachers, priests, psychologists, psychiatrists, hospitals, judges, jails, jitter-joints, in fact everything, but nothing worked.
One day, by the Grace of God, we found ourselves sober, and there can be no denying that it was the Grace of God alone that caused it. That same Grace will remain with you as long as you honestly seek it, and you will find that it will prove more than sufficient.
Remember the old saying, “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link?”
 Alcoholism is the weak link in our chain of life and most confusing, too,
 for it embraces three weak links in one. 
They are the physical, mental and spiritual illness of alcoholism from
which AA offers the best chance of recovery.
Stools and Bottles

November 26,2016
People who symbolize causes and ideas fill a deep human need. We of A.A. do not question that. But we do have to soberly face the fact that being in the public eye is hazardous, especially for us.
As a recovered alcoholic I must make an effort to put into practice the principles of the A.A. program, which are founded on honesty, truth and humility. While I was drinking I was constantly trying to be in the limelight. Now that I am conscious of my mistakes and of my former lack of integrity, it would not be honest to seek prestige, even for the justifiable purpose of promoting the A.A. message of recovery. Is the publicity that centers around the A.A. Fellowship and the miracles it produces not worth much more? Why not let the people around us appreciate by themselves the changes that A.A. has brought in us, for that will be a far better recommendation for the Fellowship than any I could make.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Q: Please discuss unseen chains.
A: Said a teacher to his class, ‘To remove an inner chain you must
first become aware of it. Otherwise you will live under the delusion
that you have no chains, which is a terrible chain in itself.’ The
teacher then asked, ‘Are you sometimes fearful that other people
might become angry toward you?’ As the students nodded the teacher
said, “See? This is probably the first time you have had a clear
look at this chain. Now we can proceed intelligently to remove it.'”
Treasury of Positive Answers, # 252

The light of life is full within me and around me.
The Science of Mind page 538 
 Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. 
They’re in each other all along. 
~Rumi, as interpreted by Coleman Barks


Lesson 229
Love, which created me, is what I am.
I seek my own Identity, and find It in these words: “Love, which created me, is what I am.” Now need I seek no more. Love has prevailed. So still It waited for my coming home, that I will turn away no longer from the holy face of Christ. And what I look upon attests the truth of the Identity I sought to lose, but which my Father has kept safe for me.
Father, my thanks to You for what I am; for keeping my Identity untouched and sinless, in the midst of all the thoughts of sin my foolish mind made up. And thanks to You for saving me from them. Amen.


Beyond the land of peace beyond the land of dreams, 
beyond the land of silence, lies of the garden of self-realization.
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Ah, my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears
To-day of past Regrets and future Fears —
To-morrow? — Why, To-morrow I may be
Myself with Yesterday’s Sev’n Thousand Years.” 
― Omar Khayyám

“If you truly loved yourself, 
you could never hurt another.”
Ron Richey
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