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Searching for the Positives
From: “Changing Beliefs” 
Slowly and painfully, I became aware of myself. I began to see it wasn’t true that I didn’t believe in anything. Rather, I had believed in the wrong things:
I had believed I needed a drink for confidence.
I had believed I was unattractive.
I had believed I was unworthy.
I had believed no one loved me.
I had believed I never had a break.
Someone said at a closed meeting, there is good in all of us. Seek it out, nurture it, tend it, and it will flourish. So I began searching for the positives within me. I realized that my feeling of inferiority was just one aspect of ego, and the arrogance I projected was the other. I must find the center median. So I tried to act as if:
AA was giving me confidence.
I had an attractive personality, even though I was not beautiful.
I was worthy, like all others.
I loved myself and could therefore love others.
Faith was freeing me from the fear that had always gripped me. 
1973 AAWS Inc.
Came to Believe, pages 103-104
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
 “Get rid of all those foreign invaders who
inhabit your inner castle and you will be as
nice all the time as you are some of the time.”
We will want the good that is in us all, even in the worst of us, to flower and to grow.
— AS BILL SEES IT, p. 10

With the self-discipline and insight gained from practicing Step Ten, I begin to know the gratifications of sobriety — not as mere abstinence from alcohol, but as recovery in every department of my life.

I renew hope, regenerate faith, and regain the dignity of self-respect. I discover the word “and” in the phrase “and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.”

Reassured that I am no longer always wrong, I learn to accept myself as I am, with a new sense of the miracles of sobriety and serenity.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

The inner center of our being is what is meant by the word Christ, the “Anointed” or the “Illumined.” Christ means God-in-us. It means the Divine Son or Daughter at the center of every person’s life. If Jesus was right, there is a perfection forever established, a kingdom of God forever at hand, and a possibility of good that is available right now.
Ernest Holmes

I nearly lost my job my family and my dignity. 
The concept of a soul and of an indwelling spirit is not new to Urantia; it has frequently appeared in the various systems of planetary beliefs. Many of the Oriental as well as some of the Occidental faiths have perceived that man is divine in heritage as well as human in inheritance. The feeling of the inner presence in addition to the external omnipresence of Deity has long formed a part of many Urantian religions. Men have long believed that there is something growing within the human nature, something vital that is destined to endure beyond the short span of temporal life. ~ The Urantia Book, (111:0.2)



“Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the Mystery, unique and not to be judged.”
Rumi ~ from Fihi-Ma-Fihi or Discourses of Rumi



ACIM Workbook Lesson 295 Insights
“The Holy Spirit looks through me today.”
When I look through the body’s eyes, it sure doesn’t seem that what I see is coming from my mind. It seems like a tree falling over in the wind or a leaf falling from a tree, a ripple on the lake has nothing to do with my mind.
It’s all part of the ego’s scheme to make separation seem real. At the core of this scheme is the belief that I am a body. If I did not believe that the body is real and that I am the body, I would not believe anything the body’s eyes see.
Yesterday’s lesson reminded me that God did not make the body but He did create His Son, Who is me and remains part of Him. Identification with the body blocks awareness of my Self, God’s Son. Offering Christ the gift of my eyes so that the Holy Spirit may look through me is how I step back from body identification. What the Holy Spirit sees has nothing to do with the body. His is the vision of Love. Thus with His vision I see Love and recognize It within my Self.
As I learn to question everything the body’s eyes show me and ask instead to receive Christ’s vision, I open my mind to the awareness of my Self, of Love. Nothing that seems to happen to the body that I have called me has any effect whatsoever on What I am. I am Love’s extension and all there is to see is Love’s extension. I am perfectly safe, for Love is harmless, kind and forever at peace. This is the gift I receive when I give my eyes to Christ today. It is the gift of freedom from all pain, all sorrow, all fear and guilt. It is the gift of recognition of my Self, seen in everyone I look upon as unity is restored to my mind. And I give thanks.
Christ asks that He may use my eyes today in order to show me unity where I once saw separation. When Christ uses my eyes, I will be shown what forgiveness shows me. I will be shown unity rather than division, Love rather than fear, peace rather than conflict, joy rather than sorrow, goodwill rather than the projection of judgment and hatred.
I am either seeing through the eyes of Christ or I am seeing through the eyes of the ego. The ego shows me the separation that stems from the belief that I broke off from the All and became an individual self, separate and alone. With this belief comes the illusionary perception that I can make decisions on my own, and that I can have a will separate from God’s. The ego thought system creates the semblance of having a split off mind that is separate from God’s Mind. This split off mind makes illusions of separation appear to be real. It makes the separation I see through the body’s eyes appear to be solid and real.
On the other hand, I can choose to see through the eyes of Christ. Through the eyes of Christ, I see the opposite of what the ego shows me. The eyes of Christ show me that individuality and being different from Love are not true. The eyes of Christ see past the illusions of separate forms to the one formless Mind of Love That is What we all are. The eyes of Christ bring the awareness of the eternal present, the eternal now, the holy instant. The eyes of Christ see past the illusion of time and space to an awareness of the eternal Love of God, Which is all that is real.
Holy Spirit, I ask only that I see through the eyes of Christ today. I want to see the truth of oneness instead of illusions of separation. I want to forgive all my false ideas and be brought to what is eternally true. I want to remember my true Identity as eternal Love and let go of what was never real. I want to stop denying my Father and accept my brother as he truly is. I open my mind to seeing through the eyes of Christ today, remembering that what I ask for in my heart of hearts, I receive and give as I have received.
© 2003, Pathways of Light.
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At the time of the King James translation of the Bible, both “spirit” and “ghost” in English conveyed the same meaning as ruach and pneuma; the everyday connotation of “ghost” has changed in the centuries since then. The King James rendering, used in this book, avoids confusion between Spirit (the transcendental God the Father) and Its activating Creative Vibratory Energy (Holy Ghost) — Read 
Paramahansa Yogananda


Years of experience reveal that the first thing people wish to know about The Urantia Book is who wrote it. What are the circumstances of its origin? It does little good to tell them the book should be judged by its content, not by claims of authorship. Because of the conditioning of our culture, we are naturally inclined to depend on sources and authority when evaluating publications. Religious literature, in particular, is appraised in this way.
The authenticity of individuals, religious groups, or literature which claim revelatory authority is always open to question. Authority is never a philosophical criterion of truth. There are only two ways this question can be approached with credibility. First, a personal judgment can be made based on the quality of the material being evaluated. The other way revelatory authenticity is established is by the judgment of society over years of historical experience. Social tradition is an especially powerful influence. Even when biblical scholars like Rudolf Bultmann declare that our reliable historical knowledge is so meager that “We can know almost nothing concerning the life and personality of Jesus,” few people are troubled by such statements. Our historical experience has socially validated the quality of the New Testament story of the life and teachings of Jesus.
There are, presently, no social traditions associated with The Urantia Book. It must be analyzed and evaluated on the quality of its content. Although they have little relevance in determining the quality of The Urantia Book, there are two sources of information regarding its origin.
The Author’s Account
The first account of the origin of The Urantia Book lies within its own pages. We are told the papers were authorized by high deity authorities and written by numerous supermortal personalities. These papers are designated as the Fifth Epochal Revelation to our planet, Urantia. Dated from 1934 A. D., the five epochal revelations are: (1) Dalamatia—500,000 years ago; (2) Adam and Eve—37,848 years ago; (3) Melchizedek—1980 B. C.; (4) Jesus—7 B. C.; and The Urantia Book —1934-35 A. D.
The authors (revelators) acknowledge the difficulty of portraying the realities of eternity in the language of time. We are told severe limitations were placed on the knowledge they were permitted to share with us. They explain that all time-space revelation is partial and incomplete, needing to be periodically upstepped in the process of planetary development.
In general terms the authors discuss the problems they encountered communicating between their spiritual level of universe reality and our material level of mortal existence. They reveal that they made contact through the Thought Adjuster (indwelling spirit of God) of a particular human being on our world. We are assured, however, that this Thought Adjuster’s communication technique is not related to “spiritualism,” “mediumship,” or “channeling.” Specific details are not discussed.
The Human Story
The second source of information relating to the origin of The Urantia Book is the human side of the story. Following my discovery of the book in December of 1955 and after introducing it to some of my clerical friends, we spent years researching the human side of the origin of the book. The following information summarizes our findings.
We quickly discovered the papers were received by a small group of people in Chicago. Their leader was Dr. William S. Sadler. Dr. Sadler was a highly respected psychiatrist who taught at the Post-graduate School of Medicine at Chicago University. For almost thirty years he was also a lecturer in Pastoral Counseling at McCormick Theological Seminary.
Dr. Sadler told me that in the mid 1920’s a group of people from all walks of life met at the Sadler residence to discuss psychological and medical topics. This group was known as the Forum. Through a series of events in this discussion group, communications were established through the Contact Commission between the revelators and members of the Forum. Much later, Forum members established Urantia Foundation and published The Urantia Book.
Dr. Sadler candidly discussed any question we asked him, but he would not talk about two things: the name of the individual who was directly involved in the materialization of the Urantia papers and the unique way in which the papers appeared. Dr. Sadler said they were asked to take vows of secrecy regarding these two subjects. When I asked why these restrictions were imposed upon them, he gave me the following reasons:
1. “The main reason for not revealing the identity of the contact personality is that the revelators do not want any human being—any human name—ever to be associated with The Urantia Book. They want this revelation to stand on its own declarations and teachings. They are determined that future generations shall have the book wholly free of all mortal connections—they do not want a St. Peter, St. Paul, Luther, Calvin, or Wesley. The original book does not even bear the name or any mark of the printer who brought the book into being.”
2. “There is much about the appearance of the Urantia papers which no human being fully understands. No one really knows just how this phenomenon was executed. There are numerous missing links in the story of how this revelation came to appear in written English. If anyone should tell all he really knows about this technique and the methods employed in getting this revelation, such a narration would satisfy no one, there are too many missing links.”
On May 7, 1958 our group of ministers met with Dr. Sadler to discuss the origin of The Urantia Book. He gave us a paper listing every imaginable form of subconscious mind or psychic activity. At the bottom of the outline a note said: “The technique of the reception of The Urantia Book in English in no way parallels or impinges upon any of the above phenomena of the marginal consciousness.” He went on to tell us that so nearly as he could determine, the appearance of Urantia papers was associated with some form of superconscious mind activity. On numerous occasions Dr. Sadler told me that he did not know how the materialization was accomplished. He said that almost everything known about the origin of The Urantia Book is found in various places in the book.
In 1939 the revelators requested that the leaders of the Forum ask for volunteers who would meet each Wednesday evening to seriously and systematically study the Urantia papers. Seventy persons volunteered and they became known as “The Seventy.” The Seventy were trained by directives from the revelators and their own leaders up to the time of the publication of The Urantia Book. Special emphasis was placed on the evolutionary process involved in the acceptance of new truth. The danger of using broadcast, indiscriminate, or revolutionary methods in presenting the message of The Urantia Book was stressed.
After many years of study, they were given permission to publish the book. They were told that although many people would welcome this enlarged presentation of spiritual truth, the population as a whole was not ready for it. The Fifth Epochal Revelation was given as an evolutionary phenomenon which would slowly take root in our society. An early publication of the book was given, they explained, so that leaders and teachers could be trained and people of means could be found to fund translations into other languages. The cost of the first printing was $75,000. This money was raised by voluntary contributions from members of the Forum.
The Urantia Foundation was established as a nonprofit organization in 1950. The Urantia Book was published under international copyright October 12, 1955. The Urantia Brotherhood was organized in 1955 as an ecumenical fellowship for studying and disseminating the teachings of The Urantia Book. The name “Urantia Brotherhood” was officially changed to “The Fellowship” (for readers of The Urantia Book ) in 1991.
Judge by Content
The events associated with the origin of The Urantia Book have nothing to do with its verification of truth or spiritual quality. This you must judge by its contents and the spiritual fruit it produces. The message of The Urantia Book has amazing self-authentication and historical-philosophical consistency. But, in the final analysis, the indwelling spirit of God is the ultimate reality which must evaluate its message.

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