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Eye Opener (1950)
The main objective in talking is to say something, not just anything. Words give a truer picture of a man than does a photograph, for words are reflections of the inner man, beyond the range of the finest camera.
Most of us alcoholics have been hurt more by our own words than we have by the words of others. Let us screen our words through our minds and give expression only to those words that are products of a sober and thinking intellect.
“The unknowing man wearily tries to untie his baffling knots one by
one, but the enlightened man simply tosses the entire rope aside.”
The Power of Esoterics, p. 206
Twenty Four Hours A Day OCT.25, 2016
Thought for the Day
Fifth, I have learned to live one day at a time. I have finally realized the great fact that all I have is now. This sweeps away all vain regret and it makes my thoughts of the future free of fear. Now is mine. I can do what I want with it. I own it, for better or worse. What I do now, in this present moment, is what makes up my life. My whole life is only a succession of nows. I will take this moment, which has been given to me by the grace of God, and I will do something with it. What I do with each now will make me or break me. Am I living in the now? 
Meditation for the Day
We should work at overcoming ourselves, our selfish desires and our self-centeredness. This can never be fully accomplished. We can never become entirely unselfish. But we can come to realize that we are not at the center of the universe and that everything does not revolve around us at the center. I am only one cell in a vast network of human cells. I can at least make the effort to conquer the self-life and seek daily to obtain more and more of this self-conquest. “He that overcomes himself is greater than he who conquers a city.” 
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may strive to overcome my selfishness. I pray that I may achieve the right perspective of my position in the world.

The realization of God as love is the greatest healing influence in the world…. The love of God, flowing through you and through me, will heal, restore and reform all within our Circle Of Consciousness by bringing them into the new dimension of spiritual Dominion.
 Joel Goldsmith 
If we observe any scientific discovery, we should see that this is the way it works. Some individual mind discovered the law, or principal, governing the science; this is the way of love, a personal volition, of choice – this is the spontaneous element in the universe. 
The Science of Mind page 43

Gamble everything for love, 
if you’re a true human being. 
If not, leave this gathering. 

When I pause and have space in my thinking,
I choose to post love.
We’re there for a moment or an hour. 

First of all, we had to quit playing God.
BB How It Works, p.62  

ACIM Workbook Lesson 297 Insights
“Forgiveness is the only gift I give.”
“Grace” is a term that has been difficult for me to understand. Perhaps that’s a reflection of resistance. Today God’s grace means to me that He is true to Himself. He would not change the oneness of His eternal Love to meet the demand of the ego’s insane wish to have more Love than another. God could not divide Himself and still remain Himself. This is God’s grace to me at this moment.
Because of His grace, I can trust God. I know that He is always the same, forever Love. I know that He always gives me all of His Love as He does to all of His creations. I know that I can count on Him to never withhold His Love or limit It in any way, because if He did so, He would not be true to Himself. And God is always true to Himself. That is His grace. Because of it, God is my rock and my strength. He is my Source and my Identity. He is my joy and my peace. In Him is my freedom from all fear and all guilt. In Him is my perfect safety. All this is mine because of the grace of God’s changelessness. Thank You God for Your grace. I accept Your blessing by offering Your blessing to all. I accept Your peace by offering it to everyone. I accept salvation from You by offering it to the world. I do this by looking past the illusions of form and seeing the innocence You see in me.
Forgiveness means allowing my perceptions to be corrected by the Holy Spirit. I am dreaming about having a separate identity that is attached to a body. This dream is not true. Forgiveness is letting go of the false ideas held within the dream. So forgiveness is a constant process that happens everyday of my “life.” It is a constant letting go process. It is a letting go of what never was or ever could be.
I understand that it is a gradual process. I understand that forgiveness is a gift to myself and a gift to the world. As I receive the gift of forgiveness from the Holy Spirit, I give this gift of healed perception to the world.
I have been mistaken about what I thought I was and what I thought the world was. What I have valued in the past has been false and meant nothing. As I continue to practice opening my mind to have every thought transformed by the Holy Spirit, I free myself and the world from the chains of limitation, lack and loss, because we are one.
Each day is a continuous practice in forgiveness. Only the Holy Spirit knows how to heal my mind. Today I would step back and not think I know anything on my own. I would practice seeing past illusions to the truth, with Holy Spirit’s help. I would practice looking through Christ’s eyes and letting my mind be healed today. In this way, forgiveness is the only gift I receive and the only gift I give.
 If you need respite from inharmonies…. 
Go to some peaceful place and stay alone for a while,
listening to the soft sounds of nature and of God within. 
All the happiness you seek lies within you,
the image of God within you.
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Now the New Year reviving old Desires. 
The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires, 
Where the White Hand Of Moses on the Bough 
Puts out, and Jesus from the Ground suspires.” 
― Omar Khayyám

“Blessed are such as hold fast to the cord of kindliness 
& tender mercy & are free from animosity & hatred.” 
Ron Richey
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