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“We of A.A. are apt to brag of the virtues of our fellowship. Let us remember that none of these are earned virtues. We have been forced into them, to begin with, by the cruel lash of John Barleycorn. We have adopted these attitudes, these practices, this structure, not at first because we wished to but because we had to. And then, as time confirmed the seeming rightness of our basic principles, we began to conform because it was right to do so.” 
Bill W. c.1957 AAWS
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, p. 224 
Life didn’t end when I got sober – it started
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Do not be impatient with your seemingly slow progress. Do not try to run faster than you presently can. If you are studying, reflecting and trying, you are making progress whether you are aware of it or not. A traveler walking the road in the darkness of night is still going forward. Someday, some way, everything will break open, like the natural unfolding of a rosebud.”
― Vernon Howard
Since recovery from alcoholism is life itself to us, it is imperative that we preserve in full strength our means of survival.
The honesty expressed by the members of A.A. in meetings has the power to open my mind. Nothing can block the flow of energy that honesty carries with it. The only obstacle to this flow of energy is inebriation, but even then, no one will find a closed door if he or she has left and chooses to return. Once he or she has received the gift of sobriety, each A.A. member is challenged on a daily basis to accept a program of honesty.
My Higher Power created me for a purpose in life. I ask Him to accept my honest efforts to continue on my journey in the spiritual way of life. I call on Him for strength to know and seek His will.
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc
But before this can happen we must learn to live right today. It is in this moment of time that we are to make the great decision. It is in this day in which we now are living that we must choose what path we are to follow. Shall we live in fear or in faith? Shall we live in confusion, or in the peace that comes from a deep and abiding conviction that there is a power greater than we are, ready, willing, and able to work for us? I think the outstanding thing in the new spiritual outlook of today is that we are called on to invite this presence, to experiment with this power, and actually to live as though God were present with us right now.
Ernest Holmes
I’m mostly hungover from just being human.

Terry Pratchett

“Light thinks it travels faster
than anything but it is wrong.
No matter how fast light travels,
it finds the darkness has always got there first,
and is waiting for it.” 
― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man
“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi, The Illuminated Rumi


ACIM Workbook Lesson 304 Insights
“Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”
Since my perception is a mirror that reflects my state of mind, if my state of mind changes, my perception will change. I am in charge of my state of mind. Like it says in an earlier lesson, “I have a kingdom I must rule.” This kingdom is my mind.
In every moment I am choosing between the ego thought system and the Holy Spirit’s. Because the ego is the idea of separation, when I choose the ego, I will always perceive separation and all the guilt and fear that comes with it. Because the Holy Spirit teaches unity, I will always see wholeness and innocence when I align myself with the Holy Spirit. Christ’s vision will always show me that my brother is part of me in Love.
The world I see will always show me which thought system I have aligned with. If I want happiness, if I want the joy and peace of God, I need only align with the Holy Spirit. With my willingness to join with Him comes the vision that sees the innocent face of Christ in all my brothers. And from this sight I remember my own innocence.
Today I dedicate once again to practicing letting the Holy Spirit guide my thoughts and actions. I would not lead but only follow and thus learn to see with forgiving eyes and recognize the Christ in all.
Thank you Holy Spirit for your patience and your Love, and for your gentle hand that guides me Home.
Holy Spirit, I do not know what anything is for. I have wandered far from Home and have become lost in illusions of being separate from my brother and my Source. The images I have made up have frightened me. I have projected unconscious guilt onto the images I have seen in the world. I recognize that this is a mistake.
Under Your careful and gentle guidance, I will return to my true natural state. I would follow; I would not lead. You are always there in my mind as I am willing to quiet my mind and open to Your voice. Your peace is waiting to fill me up with the Love, joy and peace of God.
I turn to You now with an open mind. I accept Your presence and Your gifts. I bring every concern or fear to You and open my mind to Your healing Light. I am grateful to know that the truth is true and nothing else is true. I am grateful to remember that only Love is real. I am grateful to be shown what is real in every circumstance. I am grateful to let my mind be healed. I am grateful to be open to the sight of Christ that I may see the Christ mirrored in the world. On my own I know nothing. With You all that is real is recognized and felt. “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”
The two lines that caught and held my attention were: “Perception is a mirror, not a fact. And what I look on is my state of mind, reflected outward.” (1:3-4)
I look around me this morning (both physically and mentally) and feel both good and dissatisfied. Some of what I see directly reflects the spiritual changes I have experienced in my life recently and bring me great joy. Some of what I see reflects those thoughts that have not been healed.
I am comforted to know that perception is a mirror and not a fact. I am not stuck with these unhealed areas in my life. I can give them to Holy Spirit for healing. I feel very encouraged in this because I have seen the result of doing so.
I am grateful for the reminders to step back and not to lead. When I see that something needs to be done, my mind immediately rolls up it’s sleeves to get to work. Then I remembered what I had just read about stepping back and I thought about how it was my ego that made the unhappy image I am seeing. I don’t want the ego in charge of changing it! As I step back I take each thought I want healed, one at a time, to Holy Spirit and ask for healing. I feel such gratitude that I can so easily do this. I feel determination to repeat the process as often as I need to.
Thank God that perception is a mirror and not a fact. This thought gives me strength because today I know that my perception is distorted so the world I see is not true. Today I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me and lead me from darkness to light, to truth. When I do this, little specks of light start to come together and strengthen my trust in Him and I believe that in this Light is the memory of my Heavenly Father and of my true Self.
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Steps toward living in the present
Fulfill your duties: Always, whatever you are doing, think that you are doing God’s work. Each day say, “What can I do for God today?” To fulfill your duties in life may not be easy or immediately enjoyable. Attaining divine joy is a long-term proposition, but if you would attain freedom in eternity, you must discharge your duties in life, and not avoid them. Do your best today and forget tomorrow. Do not harass your soul with petty worries.
Paramahansa Yogananda
Leonard Cohen

“There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.” 
― Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968
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