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 Eye Opener (1950)
If we think – truly think – our lives will become manageable, and if we thank God who made this thinking possible for us, then our lives are almost sure to remain manageable. We alcoholics can contain our entire philosophy in these two words – THINK and THANK.
Think before you take that first drink, then thank your God that you didn’t.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“The start of our new life is like hearing the distant roar of
ocean waves which cannot be seen as yet. But as we push aside
obstacles in our path, the entire scene appears, providing a
clear view of waves, ships, passengers and all else. People
want to know, ‘How will we feel when attaining the full vision of life?’
 American author Herman Melville answers,
‘It is a very fine feeling, and one that fuses us into the universe
of things, and makes us part of the All.'”
Secrets for Higher Success, p. 138
Twenty Four Hours A Day OCT.30, 2016
Thought for the Day
I have real friends where I had none before. My drinking companions could hardly be called my real friends, though when drunk we seemed to have the closest kind of friendship. My idea of friendship has changed. Friends are no longer people whom I can use for my own pleasure or profit. Friends are now people who understand me and I them, whom I can help and who can help me to live a better life. I have learned not to hold back and wait for friends to come to me, but to go halfway and to be met halfway, openly and freely. Does friendship have a new meaning for me?
Meditation for the Day
There is a time for everything. We should learn to wait patiently until the right time comes. Easy does it. We waste our energies in trying to get things before we are ready to have them, before we have earned the right to receive them. A great lesson we have to learn is how to wait with patience. We can believe that all our life is a preparation for something better to come when we have earned the right to it. We can believe that God has a plan for our lives and that this plan will work out in the fullness of time.
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may learn the lesson of waiting patiently I pray that I may not expect things until I have earned the right to have them.

when we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, or understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love. 
Thigh Nhat hang
….. One, alone, in Consciousness with the infinite, constitutes a complete majority. 
Knowing this in your thoughts, work in perfect peace and calm.
The science of Mind page 184
I joyfully acknowledge and claim peace in all of my actions, reactions, interactions and transactions this day and always.

Absolute humility would consist of a state of complete freedom from myself, freedom from all the claims that my defects of character now lay so heavily upon me. Perfect humility would be a full willingness, in all times and places, to find and do the will of God. When I meditate upon such a vision, I need not be dismayed because I shall 
never attain it, nor need I swell with the presumption that one of these days its virtues shall all be mine.  I only need dwell on the vision itself, letting it grow and ever more fill my heart —- Then I get a sane and healthy idea of where I stand on the highway to 
humility.  I see that my journey towards God has scarcely begun.  As I thus get down to my right size and stature, my self-concern and importance become amusing.
— Bill W. 

The mind, this globe of awareness
 is a starry universe that when you push off with your foot, 
a thousand new roads become clear, 
as you yourself do at dawn, sailing through the light.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 302 Insights
“Where darkness was I look upon the light.”
As it says elsewhere in the Course, God is Love and nothing else. So the second paragraph could be read as “Love awaits us as we go to Love. Love walks beside us, showing us the way. Love is the end we seek and Love is the means by which we go to Love.”
In this world we cannot experience the Love of God fully. Love is one and cannot be experienced while belief in separation is maintained. But there is a reflection of Love in this world that is the means by which we can return to the full experience of the unity of God’s Love. This reflection of Love is forgiveness. Forgiveness clears away the darkness so the Light of Love can shine upon our vision and show us the truth of our unity with All That Is.
Because of the countless forms of this world it seems that forgiveness must be applied again and again. Circumstances that call for forgiveness seem to be different. But the need for forgiveness in every circumstance comes from one core mistaken idea. That idea is the demand that God give us special favor, that He give His Love unequally.
Gradually as we practice forgiveness, we begin to see that all circumstances in which conflict and guilt seem to occur are the same. The Light of Love shows us that where we believed there was division, there is only unity and wholeness. Where we saw guilt, there is only innocence. Where we thought there was harm, there was harmlessness. Love walks beside us and shows us the way to the full recognition of our Self, of Love. Forgiveness lets go of the barriers to that recognition. As we let go of the veils, the clarity of our Love that we share with God comes fully into our awareness and we recognize God’s world. We recognize Heaven, the eternal, joyous giving and receiving of Love.
As I learn to attend the Love that walks beside me, I will look only upon the Light.
The sentence that stands out to me in this lesson is, “Now we see that darkness is our own imagining, and light is there for us to look upon.” (1:5) I see that I awaken as I recognize that the darkness I see ‘out in the world’ is my own imagining. I awaken as I recognize that the Light is there for me to look upon. I see that this is my daily opportunity.
The world of separate bodies is a dream. A world of differences is a dream. This world is a projection that does not leave my mind. If I see darkness out in the world, it is a reflection of a belief in darkness that still resides in my mind.
I have a choice. I can continue repeating projection from the past or I can make the choice to recognize the Light that is there for me to look upon. The choice I make depends on what I want to reinforce within myself. I am either holding the ego’s hand or the Holy Spirit’s Hand with every thought.
I would use this day as a practice to open my mind to the Light that is eternally there to see, if I am willing to see It. Today I can reinforce the dream or practice letting it go, seeing it for the nothingness that it is.
The truth is, God is. Love is. There is no ‘other.’ Am I willing to recognize Love today or will I try to make the darkness real? Today I am willing to practice opening to the truth that only Love is real. “Where darkness was I look upon the light.”
No matter what you may be doing you are always free to whisper your love to God, until you consciously received His response. This is the surest way to contact Him in the mad rush of present-day life. 
Paramahansa Yogananda
How sad, a heart that
does not know how to love, that
does not know what it is to be drunk with love.
If you are not in love, how can you enjoy
the blinding light of the sun,
the soft light of the moon?
Omar Khayyam
“God has created the world as one—
the boundaries are marked out by man.” 
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