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 Eye Opener (1950)
With fiery zeal we devote much energy to going through the motions of living AA. We speak on every occasion we are invited, we rush ourselves dizzy carrying the message to all who call on us, but in the process we sometimes neglect the one man we are most interested in – ourselves. Our AA has become muscular.
To reach ourselves requires quiet meditation, daily use of prayer and a comprehensive study of the Program and of ourselves.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Higher insight alone knows when to say yes and when to say no.”
Cosmic Command, # 350
Twenty Four Hours A Day OCT. 5,2016
Thought For The Day 
Do I have any hard feelings about other group members or for any         
other A.A. group? Am I critical of the way a group member thinks oracts? Do I feel that another group is operating in the wrong way and do I broadcast it?   Or do I realize that all A.A. members, no matter what their limitations, have something to offer, some good, however little, that they can do for A.A. in spite of their handicaps? Do I believe that there is a place for all kinds of groups in A.A., provided they are following A.A. traditions, and that they can be effective evenif I do not agree with their procedure?   Am I tolerant of people andgroups? 
Meditation For The Day 
“The Lord shall preserve Thy going out and Thy coming in, from thistime forth and even forever more.” All your movements, your goingsand comings can be guided by the Unseen Spirit. Every visit to helpanother, every unselfish effort to assist, can be blessed by that Unseen   Spirit. There can be a blessing on all you do, on every interview with      one who is suffering. Every meeting of a need may not be a chancemeeting, but it may have been planned by the Unseen Spirit. Led by        the Spirit of the Lord, you can be tolerant, sympathetic, andunderstanding of others and so accomplish much. 
Prayer For The Day 
I pray that I may be led by the spirit of God. I pray that the Lord 
will preserve my goings and my comings.
As fire warms the body, as food strengthens us as sunshine raises our spirits so there is a subtle transfusion of some invisible force in such communion, weaving itself into the very warp and woof of our own mentalities. 
The science of mind page 152 
The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back.That’s real glory.  That’s the essence of it.
— Vince Lombardi
I remind myself that there are things God has to teach me yet, and 
ask for the grace to hear them and let them change me.
 — Sacred Space
I was a frisky colt.
He broke me with a quiet hand
on the side of my head.
The essential Rumi

ACIM Workbook Lesson 276 Insights

“The Word of God is given me to speak.”
Recently I had a situation in which I perceived that someone rejected me. I observed myself analyzing that person’s actions, trying to figure out the motives, attitudes and beliefs this person might have. I told myself I was trying to understand the person. But as I observed myself, I realized that there was something else going on beneath that. I believed that I must be guilty for doing something wrong that caused me to be rejected.
The attempt to try to “understand” the person was really an attempt to put the cause outside of me and therefore to try to relieve the guilt I felt. In believing that I have separated from God, I am rejecting God.
Does God feel guilty because I rejected Him? No, He sees me as holy and pure as Himself, as He created me with His Word. It is that Self He created that I must accept to be free of guilt. No attempt to find the cause outside of me can possibly relieve the guilt because such attempts are based on the false premise that the guilt is real.
If God knows me as pure and innocent as Himself, then guilt cannot be real. To know my Self, it is this I must accept. As I accept the Word of God, His absolute certainty that I am pure and holy as He created me, there will no longer be a need to see a cause for guilt outside of me. The illusion of guilt will be gone so there cannot be a cause. Thus will I be able to see my brother with the same purity and holiness that God gave me. For what I see is the one Self we share.
I stand together with my brother now, bathed in the Light of God’s Love in Which we are united. We are one Self. There is no gap between us. We are His holy Son. The Word of God is given me to speak.
The Word of God says that we all are pure and holy as God. Would I deny that? Would I disagree with God and tell Him that He is wrong? Would I choose to see what is the opposite of God’s Word? That is what I am choosing to do if I make real something in my brother that denies God’s Word.
Jesus tells us to be open to receive God’s Word into our minds. As we open our minds to receive God’s Word, we just naturally extend God’s Word because it becomes the only truth in our minds. Instead of duality and differences, we see that nothing has changed God’s Word. No false ideas, no false stories, no false imaging, no ego projections of guilt can change the truth of the holiness and purity in God we are in truth.
Would I deny the truth today by making illusions real? Or would I accept God’s Word and know that every Son is as pure and holy as God? Today I will practice using the power of decision to let the truth be true and let go of the ego’s lies of separation. Today I would practice freeing my brother and myself of the insanity that comes from the split mind. God is. Love is. Nothing else is real. “The Word of God is given me to speak.”
I had an experience very much like the one described above. I felt rejected by someone. I was very upset by it. I was so confused because I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. I kept going over and over it in my mind, imagining myself saying things differently, but I just couldn’t figure out where I had made a mistake. When I tried to give it to Holy Spirit for healing, I kept taking it back.
After praying about it, I realized that this had to be about him and not me and I finally got relief from my anxiety by praying for him. Every time I thought of him, I would see him in God’s loving Light. After awhile I felt a lot better, but I still felt like I was missing something. As soon as I read the first two paragraphs of the above comments, I saw so clearly what was going on. I am always amazed at how willingly I will accept guilt; how easily I will see myself as wrong, even when it makes no sense.
I also recognize the pattern of seeing the problem as outside myself. I could have sworn that I wasn’t doing that, but as soon as I read the above perspective, I laughed out loud at how obvious it was. I can just imagine myself playing a child’s game, walking around with my eyes closed proclaiming, “I can’t see anything.”
I have also recently experienced a form of rejection or hurt from a person with whom I work with. As hard as I try to turn it over, let it go, and move on, I keep playing the same tape in my head over and over again. I, too, find myself analyzing this person’s actions and my own. I ask myself if this person is a mirror image of myself, if this person’s hateful attitude can be me at times, or maybe the ego part of me wants me to perceive this person as hateful in an attempt to distract me from seeing the oneness in us. I don’t know.
I read the above perspective over and over again, and part of me understands what it’s saying, but another part of me is not allowing the words to compute. In my particular situation, FOR NOW I’ve decided to discontinue my relationship with this person (although deep down I know that’s not the answer), but there’s guilt involved because of the fact that I know it’s not the answer.
I think ending the relationship gives me a sense of safety, because I think I feel that at least I won’t get hurt again. However, the Course teaches me that, as the Son of God, I cannot be hurt to begin with. So I know the ego is involved in this tangled mess I’m experiencing. Nonetheless, my awareness of knowing this need not be is still a huge step in the healing process. I still have to remember this is just that, a process.
No matter what you may be doing you are always free to whisper your love to God, until you consciously received His response. This is the surest way to contact Him in the mad rush of present-day life.
 Paramahansa Yogananda 

“Be quiet, pain and sorrow!
Let me find a remedy. I have to live,
as once dead there is no memory. And I want
to see my love and be with her. And I
want to remember our being together.” 
― Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

“Beware lest ye harm any soul, or make any heart to sorrow;
 lest ye wound any man with your words…be he friend or foe.” 
Ron Richey
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