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 Eye Opener (1950)
The secret of cutting any tree down, regardless of size,
 is to hew it one chip at a time.
Men are not put in a position to do great things
 until they have established the reputation for 
doing many small things well.
If you have the great ambition to bring happiness to a whole world,
a good starting point is within your own undershirt.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Spiritual stories often have a certain line of thought and
action as follows: The hero is seeking a certain kind of prize,
aim, objective and so he starts off in pursuit of what he wants
to obtain. And after the first step, he encounters endless obstacles, 
things leap in his way to prevent him from finding the
prize that he wants to get.
Robinson Crusoe had to fight his own loneliness. He wanted to
escape loneliness and despair that was in his mind and his emotions.
He had fear that he’d be isolated there all the time, and that
took over his body and his whole spirit so that he couldn’t think
clearly, maybe about some way he might be rescued.
The western sheriff, you know that story, the western sheriff, his
objective is to encounter and jail the outlaws who are going to
ride into town, that’s his objective. And his obstacles are his best
friends, his own wife, the cowardly townspeople who huddle in their
homes and refuse to come out and help him.
The knight in shining armor on his white horse out to ride to grand
adventure in finding the Holy Grail. When he steps into the forest,
there’s the dragons and there’s the black knight. And there are the
snares and pitfalls set by his enemies who don’t want him to find
the Holy Grail, which represents something spiritual.
This is what we do. Those stories have a definite instructive purpose
so that you can read the story, relate it to what you are doing as a
spiritual adventurer, and understand that this is the way it is, this
is the way it goes.”
from a talk given 9/28/1986
Twenty Four Hours A Day OCT.6, 2016
Thought For The Day 
Is it my desire to be a big shot in A.A.? Do I always want to be 
up front in the limelight? Do I feel that nobody else can do as 
good a job as I can? Or am I willing to take a seat in the back 
row once in a while and let somebody else carry the ball? Part 
of the effectiveness of any A.A. group is the development of new 
members to carry on, to take over, from the older members. Am I 
reluctant to give up authority? Do I try to carry the load for 
the whole group? If so, I am not being fair to the newer members. 
Do I realize that no one person is essential?   Do I know that 
A.A. couId carry on without me, if it had to? 
Meditation For The Day 
The Unseen God can help to make us truly grateful and humble. 
Since we cannot see God, we must believe in Him without seeing. 
What we can see clearly is the change in a human being, when he 
sincerely asks God for the strength to change. We should cling 
to faith in God and in His power to change our faith in God and 
in His power to change our ways. Our faith in all Unseen God 
will be rewarded by a useful and serviceable life. God will not 
fail to show us the way we should live. When in real gratitude 
and true humility we turn to Him. 
Prayer For The Day 
I pray that I may believe that God can change me. I pray that 
I may be always willing to be changed for the better.

What is known in one place,
may be known in all places, 
time, space and obstructions
are unknown to mind and thought. 
The Science of Mind page 352

This Spiritual Coming of Age cannot be hurried or forced, but must appear 
In its own good time, when the consciousness is ready, exactly as the 
flowering of a bulb can only be the result of natural growth. You have to 
demonstrate where you are. Let this be for frontlets between your eyes, 
and write it upon the doorposts of your heart—you have to demonstrate 
where you are. To seek to demonstrate beyond your understanding is not 
spiritual. Spiritual development is a matter of growth, and he that believeth
shall not unwisely make haste. Fix your attention wholeheartedly upon 
spiritual things, and meanwhile do all that needs to be done in the ordinary 
way; and without consciously trying to make haste you will be amazed to 
discover the pace at which your soul has hastened.
 — The Sermon On The Mount, Emmet Fox
You haf too much Ego in your Cosmos . 
 — Rudyard Kipling
 With humility comes the willingness to give of what we have and what we 
are right now, without waiting until we are more eloquent or more 
accomplished. What we have to share is what someone else needs to 
receive. By focusing more on the needs of others and less on the imaginary 
concept of ourselves, which is our ego, we learn to overcome our fear of 
giving. What we have to give now is enough for today.  
– Food for Thought

I do not know who lives here in my chest,
 or why the smile comes. I am not myself,
more the bare green knob of a rose that
lost every leaf and petal to the morning wind. 

ACIM Workbook Lesson 277 Insights
“Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made.”
Today is another day of practice. My practice today involves remembering that my brother is not limited, and he is not his body. My brother is still the Christ in the Mind of God. Every brother is still the Christ in the Mind of God. This practice helps me remember that I, too, am the Christ in the Mind of God.
Today is a practice in remembering that dreams are really nothing and that only God’s Love continues to be real. The laws of the world mean nothing and are nothing. They are the laws of limitation and death, and I do not need to continue to deny God with these limiting beliefs. Today I can practice laying them down and opening to the truth.
The Holy Spirit is right here in my mind, waiting to return my mind to the truth as I allow it. Today is a day of practice. Today’s practice involves taking all false ideas to the Holy Spirit to be undone. Only the truth of Christ is real. I will practice accepting this today.
It seems like there must be at least a gazillion laws I have made to bind God’s Son. In my split mind are all kinds of rules of behavior that others must abide by to be in my good graces. If they don’t follow these rules, I will feel hurt or offended or disappointed or some other form of disapproval. It amazes me sometimes the little things I will use to justify being disturbed in some way. A small gesture, a way a word is said, some little thing not done or done that didn’t fit my expectations. And that’s just some of the laws I have about other’s behavior.
Then there’s the laws I have about my own. There are at least as many laws and the judgments are at least as harsh if not more that I place upon myself. Then there’s the laws that I keep unconscious that tell me what I can and cannot do that bring up feelings of guilt for no apparent reason or manifest as illness in punishment for hidden wrongs I believe I have done.
All of this is centered around one core belief: That I have really separated from my Source and am now alone in a body. As long as I believe that I am a separate individual, apart from God, apart from Love, I will believe I am subject to all these laws. The good news of the Course is that I could never truly separate from God. The reality of my Self remains safely in the mind of Love.
I don’t have to examine each of the gazillion rules I made. I must simply turn each perceived problem or upset over to the Holy Spirit with a willingness to receive his kind and gentle correction. He will teach me that though they appear different, every upset is the same — the effect of one mistaken idea.
The Holy Spirit is there in my mind to teach me to recognize the mistaken idea behind every concern, every fear, every thought of guilt. In that recognition, the fear and guilt will easily be laid down in gentle laughter, for it will be seen as nothing and thus forgiven. Thus I will learn that I am not bound by any laws I have made. I remain the holy Son of God as I was created, free to extend only Love without limit. Free of those limitations, I will see the face of Christ everywhere and I will remember I am at Home in Heaven.
Divine consciousness, with its heavenly bliss, is the subtle 
Alchemist that instantly transmutes the base lead prosaic 
mundane life into the radiant gold of unending happiness. 
Paramahansa Yogananda 

“Oh, come with old Khayyàm, and leave the Wise 
To talk; one thing is certain, that Life flies; 
One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies; 
The Flower that once has blown forever dies.” 
― Omar Khayyám

“Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time” 
― Abdu’l-Bahá
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