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Eye Opener (1950)
Think back to those days when we would creep off to our dens where we were holed up, and there like animals try to satisfy our appetites alone – so horribly alone. Just drinking, drink after drink, and dying slowly of despair. If we had a friend in the world, we didn’t know it. We just wanted to drink and die alone.
It was people who brought us out of this pit, people of marvelous sympathy and understanding and now, joining hands with these people, we have learned the joy of living – not alone but with, and a part of a community, of people.

“A real teacher tells you to do things you cannot understand
because he can see things you cannot see.”
1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, # 137
Twenty Four Hours A Day OCT.9, 2016
Thought for the Day 
Am I willing to be bored sometimes at meetings? Am I willing to 
listen to much repetition of A.A. principles? Am I willing to hear 
the same thing over and over again? Am I willing to listen to a 
long blow-by-blow personal story, because it might help some new 
member? Am I willing to sit quietly and listen to long-winded 
members go into every detail of their past? Am I willing to take 
it, because it is doing them good to get it off their chest? My 
feelings are not too important. The good of A.A. comes first, even 
if it is not always comfortable for me. Have I learned to take it? 
Meditation for the Day 
God would draw us all closer to Him in the bonds of the spirit. 
He would have all people drawn closer to each other in the bonds 
of the spirit. God, the great Spirit of the universe, of which 
each of our own spirits is a small part, must want unity between 
Himself and all His children. “Unity of the spirit in the bonds 
of peace.” Each experience of our life, of joy, of sorrow, of 
danger, of safety, of difficulty, of success, of hardship, of 
ease, each should be accepted as part of our common lot, in the 
bonds of the spirit.
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may welcome the bonds of true fellowship. I pray 
that I may be brought closer to unity with God and other people.
The idea that faith has only to do with our religious experience is a mistake. Faith is a faculty of the mind that finds it’s highest expression in the religious attitude, but always the man who has faith in his own ability accomplishes far more than the one who has no confidence in himself. Those who have great faith have a great power. 
The science of mind page 155
But he had found God — and in finding God had found himself.
A Vision For You, p.158  
Spring lightning, 
poems being sung. 
The drum gets quiet, 
but voices continue. 
Venice appears,
 bringing her gifts to the music.
 Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)
ACIM Workbook Lesson 280 Insights
“What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?”
As I open to seeing the Christ that lies behind every form I encounter, the dream starts to break up. Instead of seeming solid and certain, the veil seems thinner and less believable. My job now is to see everyone as God created them and not give credence to the false ideas I made up. The ego’s thought system is totally false from beginning to end. There is not one part of it that is true. All forms of separation are equally false, no matter how appealing or distasteful they may seem to be.
The Holy Spirit needs to be my constant Companion as I go through the day. It is the Holy Spirit That can show me the Light behind every form. It is the Holy Spirit That undoes all illusions in my mind. Belief in limitation is the ego’s credo. Today I will practice letting go of every belief in limitation that comes up in my mind by taking it to the Holy Spirit to be undone. God is changeless. God is.
From the ego’s point of view, the title of today’s lesson seems to be a challenge. I can picture an image of the ego sitting back and conniving to make up new limitations it thinks it can impose upon God’s Son. The Holy Spirit looks on this with gentle laughter, for It knows that only the insane could think it possible that a limit could be placed on what God created limitless.
To know my Self, I must learn to look at and recognize every limit I think I have. This mindfulness must be done with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with His calm assurance of strength. Because the Holy Spirit recognizes that all limitations are illusions, there is no fear when these illusions are looked upon under His guidance. He does not make the error of believing they are real.
If I attempt on my own to try to look on these limitations, they are bound to bring up guilt and fear. Because when I believe I am alone, I believe the limitations are real and have real consequences. Thus guilt and fear will lead me to attempt to hide from and avoid many of those imagined limitations, believing they are too fearful to look at.
This is not a job for the faint of heart, and the ego is faint of heart, having no life. This is a job for the strong of heart. This strength comes from the Holy Spirit That reminds us of the Life we have in God. It is through this strength, the strength of God, that we can look on these mistaken ideas of limitation, lack and loss fearlessly.
Today I will remember that I always walk with God. I will pay attention to the Holy Spirit in my mind, Who reminds me that I remain safe in the limitless and free Mind of God. Today I dedicate to keeping my mind open to the Holy Spirit’s message that I am limitless and free, for there are no limits that can be laid upon the Son of God, my Self.
This morning I was thinking about how I am often upset when I think I have been rejected. I am quick to accept other people’s opinion of me, especially if it affirms my secret fear that I am somehow less than.
I took this to Holy Spirit and sincerely asked to see this differently. What I heard is that I am as God created me. Thinking that that can be changed is laughable. I saw myself as made of diamond and the world was trying to chip away at me by throwing spit balls at me. I saw myself trying to punish myself by self-flagellation with no more damage done than was done with the spit balls.
What God created is unchangeable. I am not affected by anyone opinion, even my own. I can only dream that I am and I’m free to wake up from that dream whenever I choose to look at my fears with the Holy Spirit.
Behold bliss everywhere, in all things…. 
Embrace bliss in every form and particle of creation.
Paramahansa Yogananda 

“It is a shame for anyone
to be well-known for righteousness.
It is a great disgrace to feel
distress at the injustice of 
the turning of the wheels of fate.” 
― Omar Khayyám, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Verily I say, this is the Day in which mankind can behold the Face, 
and hear the Voice, of the Promised One.
(Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh)
Ron Richey
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