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Eye Opener (1950)
Criticism is often the sincerest form of flattery. 
We are all subject to it at times if we do anything at all.
 When criticism does arise, and before you build up a first rate resentment, 
think first – who is it that criticizes?
 What is the motive behind it?
 Is it constructive or just plain antagonistic? 
Is it prompted by jealousy or ignorance? 
Would you do the same thing again if you had it to do over?
 What does your conscience say about it?
No great man escaped having enemies;
 all the old masters had critics; all political
 and social reforms had their adversaries 
and the early disciples of all new religions 
were persecuted, stoned and crucified.
If you are criticized you may possible be right, 
but if you are ignored you know you are wrong.

Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Let’s talk a little bit about what the word _will_ means. You have your will, right? I’ll define it for you. It’s not really a very mysterious word. Will is a combination of your dominating desires, intentions, motives, pursuits, wishes — a combination of many things inside you. That’s your will. That’s the human will. 
This human will is based on your assumption — false assumption — that this will is a power, an authority and a necessity by which you can go out into the world of people and business and society and find satisfaction. It can’t happen. Because the human will is wrong. I couldn’t put it more simply than that. 
The human will is wrong because it has in back of it wrong beliefs, wrong assumptions. You think if you get this, the pain will go away. You get this and the pain remains. So it should be, but isn’t, self- evident that our will doesn’t work.” 
Your Power of Natural Knowing, p. 170
Twenty Four Hours A Day April 10,2016
Thought for the Day
When I came into A.A., I came into a new world. A sober world. A world of sobriety, peace, serenity, and happiness. But I know that if I take just one drink, I’ll go right back into that old world. That alcoholic world. That world of drunkenness, conflict, and misery. That alcoholic world is not a pleasant place for an alcoholic to live in. Looking at the world through the bottom of a whiskey glass is no fun after you’ve become an alcoholic. Do I want to go back to that alcoholic world?
Meditation for the Day
Pride stands sentinel at the door of the heart and shuts out the love of God. God can only dwell with the humble and the obedient. Obedience to God’s will is the key unlocking the door to God’s kingdom. You cannot obey God to the best of your ability without in time realizing God’s love and responding to that love. The rough stone steps of obedience lead up to where the mosaic floor of love and joy is laid. Where God’s spirit is, there is your home. There is heaven for you.
Prayer for the Day
I pray that God may make His home in my humble and obedient heart. I pray that I may obey His guidance to the best of my ability.
When change comes we should
welcome it with a smile on the lips
and a song in the heart. 
The Science of Mind page 385 
12&12 Step Eleven, p.105  
He will also report that out of every season of grief or suffering, when the hand of God seemed heavy or even unjust, new lessons for living were learned, new resources of courage were uncovered, and that finally, inescapably, the conviction came that God does “move in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.”
 Love spells and searches the ocean and on 
your robe of storm cloud shows rain designs.
 Love is lightning and also the ahhh we respond with.
 Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)
ACIM Workbook Lesson 100 Insights
“My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.”
What I am learning from today’s lesson is that happiness is always within me. Happiness is in the Christ Mind, which is my real Mind. In order to find the Christ Mind, the only real Mind, I need to learn to pass by the little thoughts and foolish goals of the ego mind. I need to practice going deep within with one intent and that intent is to open up to the truth — what is real — the Christ Mind.
   The Christ Mind carries the feeling of deep peace, deep joy and deep happiness. It does not fluctuate, but is constant. There is no change and no differences. It steadily radiates happiness. It sees that Love is everywhere, that Love is all that is. This Source of Love within me is my anchor, my support, my source of giving.

 The entire physical creation, so awe- inspiring to human mentality….
provides only tantalizing hints to the underlying wonders of being.
Paramahansa Yogananda

Love spells and searches the ocean and on 
your robe of storm cloud shows rain designs.
 Love is lightning and also the ahhh we respond with.
 Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)

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