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Eye Opener (1950)
Do you want to be happy?
Then go buy that strange kid on the corner a bag of candy.
It may help cause his teeth to decay,
but what’s a tooth between two glad hearts?
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE

“Welcome painful correction.”
Cosmic Command, # 856
Twenty Four Hours A Day April 12,2016
Thought for the Day
This sober world is a pleasant place for an alcoholic to live in. Once you’ve gotten out of your alcoholic fog, you find that the world looks good. You find real friends in A.A. You get a job. You feel good in the morning. You eat a good breakfast and you do a good day’s work at home or outside. And your family loves you and welcomes you because you’re sober. Am I convinced that this sober world is a pleasant place for an alcoholic to live in?
Meditation for the Day
Our need is God’s opportunity. First we must recognize our need. Often this means helplessness before some weakness or sickness and an admission of our need for help. Next comes faith in the power of God’s spirit, available to us to meet that need. Before any need can be met, our faith must find expression. That expression of faith is all God needs to manifest His power in our lives. Faith is the key that unlocks the storehouse of God’s resources.
Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may first admit my needs. I pray that then I may have faith that God will meet those needs, in the way which is best for me.
The soul must make a complete surrender to the Spirit.
The Will of the Spirit is peace, clear thinking and happiness.
The science of Mind page 405

The agonies and the void that I often felt inside occur less and less frequently in my life today. I have learned to cope with solitude.
It is only when I am alone and calm that I am able to communicate with God,
for He cannot reach me when I am in turmoil. It is good to maintain contact with God at all times,but it is absolutely essential that, when everything seems to go wrong,
I maintain that contact through prayer and meditation.

Carry the burden smilingly and cheerfully,
because patience is the key to Victory.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 103 Insights
“God, being Love, is also happiness.”
My goal is to accept the truth. This means that my goal is to accept God. My goal is to accept happiness. My goal is to accept joy. When I think of it that way, the more I accept the truth, the happier I will be, the more joy I will feel in my heart.
The Course tells me that joy is everywhere. Happiness is everywhere, which means God is everywhere. I certainly have more work to do because I do not always feel God’s joy. This means that I am denying that God is everywhere. If I am not joyful, it is not because of something outside me, but my decision to deny God is the true cause.
So I use today as another day of thought reversal. I have been denying that joy is everywhere and now today I practice accepting God’s joy where it is — everywhere. This involves lifting the veil of denial, seeing past belief in sin and being willing to see the Christ beyond the body with everyone I meet or even think of today.
Be inwardly ever newly joyous,
like the ever-fresh laughing waters of a gurgling brook.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Carry the burden smilingly and cheerfully,
because patience is the key to Victory.

Ron Richey
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