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We cannot merely pray to You, 0 God, to end war; For we know that You have made the world in a way That man must find his own path to peace Within himself and with his neighbor. --Jack Riemer   Our conscious contact with God can be … [Read more]

Bill W., 75, Dies; Jan. 27, 1971 – New York Times News Service Cofounder Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Bill W., 75, Dies; Cofounder Of Alcoholics Anonymous Jan. 27, 1971 - New York Times News Service NEW YORK — William Griffith Wilson died late Sunday night January 24, 1971 and, with the announcement of his death, was revealed to have been the Bill … [Read more]

Chuck D.

Acting As If   The behavior we call "acting as if' can be a powerful recovery tool. Acting as if is a way to practice the positive. It's a positive form of pretending. It's a tool we use to get ourselves unstuck. It's a tool we make a conscious … [Read more]

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The perfection of innocence, indeed, is madness. --Arthur Miller   We've all said, "I didn't do anything. Don't blame me; I didn't mean any harm." Overdevelopment of innocence contradicts our spiritual growth. The painful truth is, we do have an … [Read more]

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Vulnerability   Some of us may have made a decision that no one was ever going to hurt us again. We may automatically go on "feelings freeze mode" when faced with emotional pain. Or, we may terminate a relationship the first time we feel hurt. Hurt … [Read more]

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There is no method or discipline or system of any kind that can ever command the spirit to be present.  --Tom Sampon A person in the process of growth and recovery asks the question, "How shall I develop a relationship with my Higher Power?" The … [Read more]

vernon Howard

Don’t Do Anything About It Let anything that happens to you happen and just sit there and watch it. Don’t interfere with it. Don’t do anything about it. Don’t try to correct it. Don’t try to ease the pain, the tension, the anxiety. Just sit there … [Read more]


"Instead of debating why so many old-timers are leaving, maybe our time would be better spent in taking more responsibility and letting the old-timers know how much AA wants and needs them ... creating and maintaining environments and meetings that … [Read more]


1. What to Do with Yourself Each Moment "I'll read a short story to you. There was once a man who reached his one hundredth birthday. On that day he finally realized something. He realized that he had been wrong all his  one hundred years. That … [Read more]


"Spiritual success starts when weariness with not winning is replaced by weariness with not understanding."      A Treasury of Trueness, # 1015 "God himself has made it possible for you to live without the dark place and the pains that rush … [Read more]

Chuck D.

When we are reduced to our last extreme, there is no further evasion. The choice is a terrible one. It is made in the heart of darkness ... when we who have been destroyed and seem to be in hell miraculously choose God! --Thomas Merton There are … [Read more]

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Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.  --Ralph Waldo Emerson   After we get a new understanding about ourselves we think, "Now I will never have to make the same mistake again!" But our lessons are … [Read more]

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Risk being alive“I know nothing is going to last forever,” Charlie said. “But the key to life and being happy is acting as though it is.” Many of us have had our illusions about security and permanency shattered. The longer we’re alive, the more … [Read more]


Balance Strive for balanced expectations of others. Strive for healthy tolerance. In the past, we may have tolerated too much or too little. We may have expected too much or too little. We may swing from tolerating abuse, mistreatment, and … [Read more]

Don’t be afraid of giving./Everything passes away except God.

Giving Don't be afraid of giving. For a while, we may need to back off from giving as we learn to discern the difference between healthy giving and caretaking, which leave us feeling victimized and others feeling resentful. This is a temporary … [Read more]

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I like a man with faults, especially when he knows it. To err is human - I'm uncomfortable around gods. --Hugh Prather We are more comfortable around someone who has faults and knows it. We respect such a person. So why do we have such a hard … [Read more]