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 Eye Opener (1950)
Everything you can buy with money will either die, rot, 
wither, evaporate or decay. 
There is nothing you can purchase that will surely 
last as long as you will, unless it be bad health.
Friends can be bought, not with money,
 but by a liberal expenditure of yourself. 
A dollar is a poor weapon to fight off real troubles.
God is Good and the truly Good things of this 
life were put here on earth for our use by Him
 and not one of them carries a price tag.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“Everyone feels cut off from life, but doesn’t understand what
it means. Like a man or woman lost in the swamps, the swamps of
life, falling into the murky water, getting up and wandering
around only long enough to fall in again. Such a person would
feel apart from what would be normal, natural and the right
place to live.
Internally people live with and suffer from that feeling of not
being in the right place. You have that feeling and I’ll tell you
what I want you to do with it. I want you, effective as of right
now, to turn it loose, to encourage it, to not just have fleeting
glimpses of the fact that you feel cut off, isolated, but to try
to know it all the time completely.
Because if you can do that, if you can know once and for all that
you are lost in the swamps of life, if you can know it, that it’s
the only place you have been in, the only experiences you’ve had,
that full consciousness – it’s a pretty miserable place down in
the Louisiana bayous – the full knowledge of that alone will give
you the intelligence, the incentive, the wish, the energy to get
out of there.
Now having set that picture before you, I want to connect it with
another thought and I want you to also connect it in your thinking,
put everything together. All is well, in Reality, all is not just
well, it’s marvelous, it’s fine.”
from a talk given 2/25/1989

Twenty Four Hours A Day SEPT 10,2016

Thought for the Day 
Here are answers to the question of how a person can live without liquor and be happy: “The things we put in place of drinking are more than substitutes for it. One is the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. In this company, you find release from care, boredom, and worry. Your imagination will be fired. Life will mean something at last. The most satisfactory years of your existence lie ahead. Among other A.A.s you win make lifelong friends. You will be bound to them with new and wonderful ties.” Does life mean something to me now? 
Meditation for the Day 
Do you want the full and complete satisfaction that you find in serving God and all the satisfactions of the world also? it is not easy to serve both God and the world. It is difficult to claim the rewards of both. If you work for God, you will still have great rewards in the world. But you must be prepared to sometimes stand apart from the world. You cannot always turn to the world and expect all the rewards that life has to offer. If you are trying sincerely to serve God, you will have other and greater rewards than the world has to offer. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may not expect too much from the world. I pray that I may also be content with the rewards that come from serving God.

We must first clarify our own vision, 
then we shall become as lights,
lighting the way for others. 
The Science of Mind page 435 


His pet obsession was that A.A. 
could get along better without its
“God nonsense.”
12&12 Tradition Three, p.143  

If you yearn for holy felicity,
shed your arrogance and become
 a seeker of hearts. 

ACIM Workbook Lesson 252 Insights
“The Son of God is my Identity.”
The identity tied to the physical body is not what I am. My real Identity lies as an extension of God, an extension of Love. This is the undoing process that I am going through — letting go of an individual identity and accepting my one true Identity, which is shared with all.
The Course tells me “God is but Love and therefore so am I.” My true Identity is Love, which has nothing to do with individual bodies or individual minds that are separated off and alone. There is only one Will, and that is the Will of Love. I am learning to let go of the false ideas that there could be anything else that is real.
Letting my mind be open to joining with Holy Spirit leads me to my true Home. The Holy Spirit provides the bridge that leads me from my false perception to where all true power lies in universal Love. Because Love is sharing, I share in the one Identity that is All That is.
The Holy Spirit helps me to remove my belief from the ego’s lies. The Holy Spirit shows me the difference between what is not real and what is real. The Holy Spirit is my constant Companion. And because I have been blinded with the insanity of believing in separation, I need to hold the Holy Spirit’s hand and follow where he leads me. I need to trust the Holy Spirit. My daily trust walk with the Holy Spirit leads me past illusions to my one true Home in God. “The Son of God is my Identity.”
This world is the effect of believing there is value in having a separate and unique identity. Everything in the world was made to give the illusion that it is possible to be different and separate from everything. To make this seem real, we must identify with and believe we are a limited, separate identity, contained within a body. The body is a means of staking a territory that we can claim as ours alone. It even seems to make it possible for us to have private thoughts that no one else can know.
Claiming this little territory comes at a great cost. Believing it is real makes it impossible for us to know the boundless Love that we are and share with all Creation. When we make the body real we cannot know God’s joy and perfect peace, which are attributes of that boundless Love. By identifying with a separate identity, we have chosen to be an empty, meaningless shell and so we cannot know the gifts of God that are our inheritance.
Today’s lesson is giving us an opportunity to choose a “new” identity. It is reminding us of our real Identity, which has never changed, nor could ever change. Losing awareness of our real Identity does not change It. It only means that we do not know our Self. By the grace of God, the memory of this Self remains in our mind, no matter how far we may wander into dreams of isolation and individuality. This memory calls to us to return to Love.
There is no one in the world who has not heard this call. Sometimes it is interpreted as a sense of lack and loss, a sense of emptiness. In our identification with separateness, we search for things and relationships with bodies to try to fill the emptiness. Yet we will only find satisfaction through letting go of giving value to individuality and accepting the Love that God gives equally to all. Joy and peace are found in recognizing the equal Love that we share with all our brothers. That is our true Self.
To recognize that Self, we need to learn to look past the form of bodies and personalities and see the face of Christ. We do this by letting the Holy Spirit guide our vision, by following His lead and judging nothing on our own. The Holy Spirit will teach us that the Son of God is our Identity.
Exhale and relax, and feel peace spread everywhere, 
within and without. Immerse yourself in that peace 
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Then said another — “Surely not in vain 
My Substance from the common Earth was ta’en, 
That He who subtly wrought me into Shape 
Should stamp me back to common Earth again.” 
― Omar Khayyám
Ron Richey
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