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 Eye Opener (1950)
When we alcoholics arrived at that point in our 
drinking careers that we commonly call “our bottom;”
 when difficulties were pouring in from every side; 
when there was no longer any room left to retreat 
and all our defenses had crumbled – 
we found that we had no other alternative but take
the last desperate effort of the totally beaten.
AA proved, as history has often done, that the
 best defense is a strong offense.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“The usual kind of life on earth is futile, 
but only because we have not as yet
found our cosmic purpose.”
 Cosmic Command, # 21
Twenty Four Hours A Day SEPT 13,2016
Thought for the Day 
“No one is too discredited, nor has sunk too low, to be welcomed 
cordially into A.A., if he or she means business. Social distinctions, 
petty rivalries and jealousies are laughed out of countenance. Being 
wrecked in the same vessel, being restored and united under one God, 
with hearts and minds attuned to the welfare of others, the things 
that matter so much to some people no longer signify much to us. In 
A.A. we have true democracy and true brotherhood.” Has A.A. taught 
me to be truly democratic? 
Meditation for the Day 
When you call on God in prayer to help you overcome weakness, sorrow, pain, discord, and conflict, God never fails in some way to answer 
the appeal. When you are in need of strength for yourself or for the 
help of some other person, call on God in prayer. The power you need 
will come simply, naturally, and forcefully. Pray to God not only 
when you need help, but also just to commune with Him. The spirit of 
prayer can alter an atmosphere from one of discord to one of 
reconciliation. It will raise the quality of thought and word and 
bring order out of chaos. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may bring peace where there is discord. I pray that I 
may bring conciliation where there is conflict.
We should approach the law normally 
and naturally and with a sense of ease… 
Consider the law and Spirit as friends… 
This is the natural unfoldment of reality through us.
 The science of Mind page 300
They may be jealous of a God who has stolen dad’s affections.
 BB The Family Afterward, p.128  

Angels wish they 
could move as I move. 
Cherubim babies long for my innocence. 
Courage? Armies of demons flee my uplifted hand.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 255 Insights
“This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.”
To spend the day in perfect peace seems out of reach. There seem to be so many temptations that disturb my peace during the day. And yet this lesson reminds me that perfect peace is God’s Will for me. If I am not experiencing perfect peace, I must be rejecting God’s Will and believing there is some other will that can oppose peace. I am accepting a god of conflict before the God of peace That is my Creator.
The question comes to mind, “Why would I do this?” This choice is made with the desire for specialness. It is impossible to be different and unique and not have conflict. Differences are defined by conflict. What is the same cannot be seen as different. And what is different cannot be seen as the same. This world of images is defined by conflict. The shape of images is identified by the difference between the image and what is next to it. Peace is impossible in a world defined by conflict (differences).
To know the peace of God, I must learn to look past differences to see What is the same in all things. One of the first lessons in the Workbook teaches us that God is in everything I see. God (Love) is everywhere. That is what is the same, everywhere. As I learn to look past form to see the face of Christ, the face of Love, in all things, I will spend the day in perfect peace. Perfect peace is found in the unity of Love, not in the division of specialness.
Today I would practice bringing all thoughts of differences to the Holy Spirit for His perspective. I would open my mind to let Him teach me how to spend the day in perfect peace.
A key word for me in this lesson is the word “choose.” I choose to spend this day in perfect peace. Today I have the opportunity to spend each moment in perfect peace, if I so choose. Today, will I choose something else instead or will I choose to recognize the barriers to peace for what they are and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, quietly let them go?
The experience of peace happens in the now moment. It is not in the past or the future. Peace is always experienced now. Where would I live today? Am I willing to live in a state of peace? This is my practice now, all through the day: To consciously choose peace.
Since peace and understanding always go together and are never found alone, when I choose peace I am also choosing to be open to the understanding of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps me recognize the difference between what is real and what is unreal. The Holy Spirit reminds me that what is of God is real and nothing else is real. The Holy Spirit helps me see through the false images of the ego to the one truth that is always there. This understanding brings peace with it. This understanding helps me to not make the error real.
The ego becomes strong is strife. Today I would practice letting go of the ego by remembering to choose peace. I would practice letting peace lead me to a perfect understanding of what is eternally real. I would let peace lead me past insanity to the eternal truth that only Love is real. This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.
Today’s lesson was a challenge for me. I had a situation that was blocking my peace. Well, everything worked out and I am so glad that I used this problem as an opportunity to practice choosing peace. I think I am closer to choosing peace on a daily basis because I refused to give into the ego this time. Applying this lesson today helped me make better choices this time.
A calm person, by the virtue of is self-possession, 
is always at peace with others, always happy, always calm.
 Paramahansa Yogananda
“Drink wine and look at the moon
and think of all the civilizations
the moon has seen passing by.” 
― Omar Khayyám, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
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