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 Eye Opener (1950)
To us alcoholics who were prone to give meanings to words 
that were not intended by the speaker, words are particularly lethal weapon.
In our drinking days we invariably put the wrong interpretations on
the best-intended words of our friends. 
We then sounded off with a flow of words that we did not mean and
knew full well that we did not mean them. 
The thoughtless sentence or the fancied slight was
forever coming between us and those we loved.
The world’s attitude toward us, either friendly or hostile, 
is largely determined by our own words.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
Anyone can save himself years of heartache by studying 
and applying the following facts.
_Suffering is caused by_: Unnecessary separation from our original
nature. A fearful wish to escape sorrow instead of facing and under-
standing it. Blaming other people and circumstances for our unhappy
state. Lack of guiding knowledge about anguish. 
Refusal of self-reliance and self-responsibility. 
Living in imaginary happiness. 
Following false prophets and useless teachings. 
Clinging to the habitual instead of to the true.
 A general wrong use of the mind.
_Suffering is cured by_: Examining the nature of suffering with a
scientific mind. Refusing false comfort from people who use your
heartache for their own benefits. Floating on the fact that you can
be your own doctor. Not resenting or fighting a sorrowful condition.
Abandoning secret pleasure in feeling troubled and persecuted. Using
your whole and unified mind. Getting so weary of suffering you re-
solve to no longer go along with it. Understanding the general cosmic
laws of life.”
Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 44
Twenty Four Hours A Day SEPT 24,2016
Thought for the Day 
Let us continue with Step Twelve. We must practice these principles in all our affairs. This part of the twelfth step must not be overlooked. It is the carrying on of the whole program. We do not just practice these principles in regard to our drinking problem. We practice them in all our affairs. We do not give one compartment of our lives to God and keep the other compartments to ourselves. We give our whole lives to God and we try to do His will in every respect. “Herein lies our growth, herein lies all the promise of the future, an ever-widening horizon.” Do I carry the AA. principles with me wherever I go? 
Meditation for the Day 
“Lord, to whom shall we go but to Thee? Thou hast the words of eternal life.” The words of eternal life are the words from God controlling your true being, controlling the real spiritual you. They are the words from God which are heard by you in your heart and mind when these are wide open to His spirit. These are the words of eternal life which express the true way you are to live. They say to you in the stillness of your heart and mind and soul: “Do this and live.” 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may follow the dictates of my conscience. 
I pray that I may follow the inner urging of my soul.

Let us seek the good and true and believe
in them with our whole heart,
even though every man we meet is filled with suffering,
and limitation appears at all sides.
We cannot afford to believe in any imperfection
for a single second.
The Science of Mind page 185
For we are now on a different basis; 
the basis of trusting and relying upon God.
BB How It Works, p.68

Stop the noise and you will hear his voice in silence.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 265 Insights
“Creation’s gentleness is all I see.”
What am I identifying with, the ego’s thought system or the Holy Spirit’s thoughts of Love and gentleness? The ego thought system is riddled with guilt. Guilt always goes hand in hand with belief in separation. Within the ego thought system, guilt is always projected so that it looks like the guilt lies in the outside world. With projection there is always fear. Projection makes the world appear very terrible and laden with guilt.
As I learn to let go of the ego thought system, or forgive, the projection changes. As the ego thought system is gently laid down, the Love of God is all there is to see. The Love of God is all there is to feel. The Love of God is all there is to be. Creation’s gentleness is all I see.
What I see shows me where I am in letting go of the ego. Focusing on the ego’s in “others” shows me that I am still coming from the ego mind. As I practice daily letting those fearful images go, what lies behind these barriers to Love will show up. What has always been true will show up. The Love of God will be seen once again.
If I see anything other than Love, I still have forgiveness work to do. I am still holding on to a barrier to Love and letting that barrier go is the only answer that will work. Let my practice be today to recognize every barrier to Love and let it go. This is true forgiveness.
Today’s lesson is telling me that everything I fear is in my mind alone. To believe otherwise is self deception. The world of itself is wholly neutral. It has no meaning of its own, like a blank projection screen. All the meaning I see in the world, I give it. What I think I see is direct feedback, showing me what I believe. If I identify with the ego’s idea that separation is real, the world will reflect back to me all the effects that belief in separation brings: fear, guilt, attack, loss and death. But if I identify with the thoughts I share with God, with the unity of Love, the world will reflect back to me creation’s gentleness.
What I perceive is always my choice. I am never the victim of someone else’s behavior. But if I identify with the body, which is the ego’s mechanism for making separation seem real, I will always feel that if I’m not a victim right now, I may become a victim in any moment. Weakness and vulnerability are my condition. I must be constantly on alert to defend against seen and unseen forces, whose hidden or not so hidden agenda is to bring about my end.
This the ego believes. The frailty of the body “proves” that the Son of God has been taken from his Creator, overpowered and no longer shares God’s eternity. Thankfully, the body is a dream. It is not who I am, nor who anyone is. As I remember that I am still as God created me, that His Thoughts are my Thoughts and I am not a body, I will see creation’s gentleness.
The sentence that really spoke to me this morning was, “Focusing on the ego’s in “others” shows me that I am still coming from the ego mind.”
I need those landmarks to let me know where I am because sometimes I think I have released something and what I have really done is hide it from myself. I get the same ill effects, I just don’t see what is causing it. I can’t ask for healing if I am in denial about the problem and refusing to see it.
On the road this morning I was stopped to allow a funeral procession of cars to pass. I started to remember what that procession feels like when one is in the line. The thought and the sadness just faded before it took hold. Only the words of today’s lesson remained. And it just felt so right to offer this idea as a blessing for my brothers as their cars passed by me.
God is the life that is surging within us;
The life by which we see and love one another.
Paramahansa Yogananda

“I have not asked for life.
But I try to accept whatever
life brings without surprise.
And I shall depart again without having
questioned anyone about my strange
stay here on earth.” 
― Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat de Omar Khayyam…
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