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From: “Look Before You Leap”  
Wise men and women rightly give a top rating to the virtue of prudence. They know that without this all important attribute little wisdom is to be had. Mere looking before we leap is not enough. If our looking is charged with fear, suspicion, or anger, we had better not have looked or acted at all.
Letter, 1966  
We lose the fear of making decisions, great and small, as we realize that should our choice prove wrong we can, if we will, learn from the experience. Should our decision be the right one, we can thank God for giving us the courage and the grace that caused us so to act.
Letter, 1966
“As I write this book I can glance up through the window to watch the gray and tan chipmunks avail themselves of the food and water set out for them. One chipmunk turned into a comedian by climbing inside half a cantaloupe and rocking back and forth while nibbling at the fruit.
The rocking motion was no doubt unusual for a chipmunk, but he bravely endured it in order to eat the fruit. Our first taste of new truth may cause unusual psychic motions, but our endurance satisfies psychic hunger. Later, we look back and smilingly wonder what we were so worried about.”
Esoteric Mind Power, p. 34
Some of us have taken very hard knocks to learn this truth: Job or no job – wife or no wife – we simply do not stop drinking so long as we place dependence upon other people ahead of dependence on God.
Before coming to A.A., I always had excuses for taking a drink: “She said . . . ,” “He said . . . ,” “I got fired yesterday,” “I got a great job today.” No area of my life could be good if I drank again. In sobriety my life gets better each day. I must always remember not to drink, to trust God, and to stay active in A.A. Am I putting anything before my sobriety, God, and A.A. today?
From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by 
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
“There should not be any sense of hurry or worry about this,
just a calm, peaceful sense of reality.
Let the Law work though, and express Itself in, the experience.” 
― Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind
 I was at a party for a friend who passed away
and this guy said “light up” and I said
“don’t you get it that’s why he’s dead.”

A desire to kneel down sometimes pulses through my body, or rather it is as if my body has been meant and made for the act of kneeling. Sometimes, in moments of deep gratitude, kneeling down becomes an overwhelming urge, head deeply bowed, hands before my face.
“Beyond this world is another world for us. This world and its delights cater to the animal within us. These pleasures all fill our animal nature, while our real self slowly dies. They say, “The human being is a rational animal,” yet we consist of two things. Lusts and desires feed our animality in this material world. But as for our true essence, its food is knowledge, wisdom, and the sight of God. The animality within us flees away from God, while our spiritual self flees away from this world.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi, It Is What It Is: The Personal Discourses of Rumi
ACIM Workbook Lesson 269 Insights
“My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.”
Today I am being invited to look upon a new perception. I’m being invited to open my mind to the Holy Spirit’s perception. I’m being invited to look past my mistaken ideas to the one Christ mind that lies in everyone, behind the false perceptions of the ego identity.
Today I consciously choose to accept that invitation. I consciously choose to step back from my habitual ways of thinking. I consciously choose to open the door to God’s peace which leads the way to see the face of Christ, which alone is true. Today I devote to listening to the Holy Spirit. Today I will practice not deciding what anything means on my own. Today I would follow, I would not lead.
With all the Course’s emphasis on teaching that this world is an illusion and that believing in this illusion keeps us from the experience of God’s Love, it seems surprising that it would tell us to ask for an illusion. But there is one illusion that leads us out of all illusions to transcend all what we have made. This illusion is forgiveness.
The illusion of forgiveness is necessary because we believe in the illusion of sin or separation. In Heaven, where there is complete knowledge of oneness, there is no need for forgiveness because there is nothing to forgive. But in the dream world where illusions are thought to be true, we need an illusion of letting them go in order to be free of them.
It is this illusion called forgiveness that opens my sight to see the face of Christ in everything I look upon. It clears the way for me to see the unity of Love that is the holy Son of God, which is me and all my brothers in the oneness of God.
In the dream of the hell of separation, what could I pray for but the means for release from it? And so today I ask the Holy Spirit for the one illusion that sets me free. Thus will the Holy Spirit teach me that everything I look upon is one with me, for we are united as God’s one Son.
The ego does not want to be shown its mistakes. To the ego, a mistake is a sin and cause for guilt. To the Holy Spirit, a mistake is simply cause for correction, which leads to release from guilt. I really do want the Holy Spirit to show me my mistakes for what they are so that I can look beyond them to the kind and radiant face of Christ that is everywhere to be seen. Today I pray, “Holy Spirit, show me my mistakes, for I would look beyond them to remember the joy of being God’s Son.”
Practice, practice, practice. To see my brother’s face is to see Christ’s face. To look with my mind’s eye is to see Christ’s face. Even “just” the practice brings me closer to forgiveness. Close enough to go beyond believing towards being.
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Our dear ones promise to love us forever; yet when they sink into the Great Sleep, their earth memories forsaken, what value their vows? Who, without telling us in words, loves us everlastingly? who remembers us when all others forget us? who will still be with us when we leave the friends of this world? God alone!
― Paramahansa Yogananda
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