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 Eye Opener (1950)
If you were asked to give a definition of the AA Program, 
you could probably come no closer than to say it is a Thinking Program.
Underlying the whole philosophy is a studied effort to change
the mental fumbling of the alcoholic to real, profound, constructive thinking.
It was this type of thinking that inspired our movement and because 
of the profound thought behind it, it developed the simplicity that makes
 it understandable to the befogged alcoholic and yet so profound
 as to confound the wise.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“If your usual attempts to clear your day of problems have not
succeeded, you need not be discouraged. You were not born to lose.
You need only realize that the way out lies in an entirely new
direction. This refreshing way is rarely tried by most people,
which is why most people remain troubled.
The answers to life exist. There is no question about that. The
only question is, do we want them in preference to what we now
accept as answers?”
The Power of your Supermind, Chap. 9, p. 108
Twenty Four Hours A Day SEPT 28,2016
Thought for the Day 
For the past two months we have been studying passages and steps from the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous. Now why not read the book itself again? It is essential that the A.A. program become part of us. We must have its essentials at our fingertips. We cannot study the Big Book too much or too often. The more we read it and study it, the better equipped we are to think A.A., act A.A., and live A.A. We cannot know too much about the program. The chances are that we will never know enough. But we can make as much of it our own as possible. How much of the Big Book have I thoroughly mastered? 
Meditation for the Day 
We need to accept the difficulties and disciplines of life so as to fully share the common life of other people. Many things that we must accept in life are not to be taken so much as being necessary for us personally, as to be experienced in order that we may share in the sufferings and problems of humanity. We need sympathy and understanding. We must share many of the experiences of life, in order to understand and sympathize with others. Unless we have been through the same experiences, we cannot understand other people or their makeup well enough to be able to help them. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may accept everything that comes my way as a part of life. I pray that I may make use of it in helping other people.
Through our knowledge of the kingdom within, 
we are able to Claim Power and dominion .
The Science of Mind page 250

We would like to be assured that the
 grace of God can do for us what we
cannot do for ourselves.
12&12 Step Seven, p.76 
Cherubim babies long for my innocence. 
Courage? Armies of demons flee my uplifted hand.
ACIM Workbook Lesson 269 Insights
“My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.”
Today I am being invited to look upon a new perception. I’m being invited to open my mind to the Holy Spirit’s perception. I’m being invited to look past my mistaken ideas to the one Christ mind that lies in everyone, behind the false perceptions of the ego identity.
Today I consciously choose to accept that invitation. I consciously choose to step back from my habitual ways of thinking. I consciously choose to open the door to God’s peace which leads the way to see the face of Christ, which alone is true. Today I devote to listening to the Holy Spirit. Today I will practice not deciding what anything means on my own. Today I would follow, I would not lead.
With all the Course’s emphasis on teaching that this world is an illusion and that believing in this illusion keeps us from the experience of God’s Love, it seems surprising that it would tell us to ask for an illusion. But there is one illusion that leads us out of all illusions to transcend all what we have made. This illusion is forgiveness.
The illusion of forgiveness is necessary because we believe in the illusion of sin or separation. In Heaven, where there is complete knowledge of oneness, there is no need for forgiveness because there is nothing to forgive. But in the dream world where illusions are thought to be true, we need an illusion of letting them go in order to be free of them.
It is this illusion called forgiveness that opens my sight to see the face of Christ in everything I look upon. It clears the way for me to see the unity of Love that is the holy Son of God, which is me and all my brothers in the oneness of God.
In the dream of the hell of separation, what could I pray for but the means for release from it? And so today I ask the Holy Spirit for the one illusion that sets me free. Thus will the Holy Spirit teach me that everything I look upon is one with me, for we are united as God’s one Son.
The ego does not want to be shown its mistakes. To the ego, a mistake is a sin and cause for guilt. To the Holy Spirit, a mistake is simply cause for correction, which leads to release from guilt. I really do want the Holy Spirit to show me my mistakes for what they are so that I can look beyond them to the kind and radiant face of Christ that is everywhere to be seen. Today I pray, “Holy Spirit, show me my mistakes, for I would look beyond them to remember the joy of being God’s Son.”
Practice, practice, practice. To see my brother’s face is to see Christ’s face. To look with my mind’s eye is to see Christ’s face. Even “just” the practice brings me closer to forgiveness. Close enough to go beyond believing towards being.
O master Weaver of dreams, teach me to loom
a cushioning carpet of self-realization on which
all Thy lovers may tread as they travel to the
shrine of eternal wakefulness.
Paramahansa Yogananda 

“I hide my grief, just like the blessed birds hide 
themselves when they are preparing to die, my love.” 
― Omar Khayyám
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