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Eye Opener (1950)
We veterans of the Alcoholic Wars that raged
within ourselves can bear testimony to the 
fact that it was only when we called upon 
the God of our understanding that peace 
was restored to our lives.
World wars are but the extension of the 
conflicts existing in the souls of men on 
a worldwide basis. 
They, too, have as their foundation fear, 
suspicion, envy, intolerance and national egotism.
There will never be a permanent peace until the
Prince of Peace is admitted into the hearts of 
men in high places and is allowed to preside 
over their Conference Tables.
Vernon Howard’s SECRETS OF LIFE 
“I want you to remind yourself that you always and only feel only
yourself. Now, let’s go a little slow because this is so vital to
grasp. I said that you feel only your own nature – that’s all,
nothing else. You have an anguish of some kind, a worry, 
a disappointment, you feel yourself, do you not?
You don’t feel the words of the other person who 
made that harsh remark. You don’t feel them.”
 Never Again Be Blamed and Hurt – Part 1
Twenty Four Hours A Day SEPT 29,2016
Thought for the Day 
Having got this far, shall we pause and ask ourselves some 
searching questions? We need to check up on ourselves periodically. 
Just how good an A.A. am I? Am I attending meetings regularly? Am 
I doing my share to carry the load? When there is something to be 
done, do I volunteer? Do I speak at meetings when asked, no matter 
how nervous I am? Do I accept each opportunity to do twelfth-step 
work as a challenge? Do I give freely of my time and money? Am I 
trying to spread A.A. wherever I go? Is my daily life a 
demonstration of A.A. principles? Am I a good A.A.? 
Meditation for the Day 
How do I get strength to be effective and to accept responsibility? 
By asking the Higher Power for the strength I need each day. It 
has been proved in countless lives that for every day I live, 
the necessary power shall be given me. I must face each challenge 
that comes’ to me during the day, sure that God will give me the 
strength to face it. For every task that is given me, there is 
also given me all the power necessary for the performance of that 
task. I do not need to hold back. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may accept every task as a challenge. I know I cannot 
wholly fail if God is with me.

If there is a law that is creative, 
we cannot say that one thought
will create while another will not. 
The science of mind page 94

We had to have God’s help.
 BB How It Works, p.62 

Love is a madman, 
working his wild schemes, 
tearing off his clothes, 
running through the mountains…. 

ACIM Workbook Lesson 270 Insights
“I will not use the body’s eyes today.”
We are not being told here to put on a blindfold so that we won’t use the body’s eyes. This is an attempt to cure by changing the effect instead of the cause. It is the same as saying that I won’t watch the news because it upsets me. The news is not the cause of my upset. It is the judgments in my mind about the news that upset me. If I don’t watch the news, the judgments remain and will be triggered by some other event in my life as long as they remain in my mind.
Were I able to hold Christ’s vision unwaveringly, I could watch the news and hold my peace, offering only Love to all I see. There would be no judgment, for I would be seeing a forgiving world, an innocent world, where harm is recognized as impossible. This lesson is leading us to this vision. It is the forgiveness in my mind that makes it possible to see a forgiven world and remember God.
It may be helpful not to watch the news while I work on my forgiveness, letting go of judgments and insistence on holding a separate identity. The more I can maintain peace and be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the more I will be able to see with Christ’s vision. Here is where I change the cause of all conflict or disturbances of any kind. The more I can consistently give all my judgments to the Holy Spirit for Him to purify, the easier it will be for me to look on all things with equanimity. My peace remains undisturbed when I allow the Holy Spirit to be my Guide in all things. Then it will not matter whether I watch the news or not.
Holy Spirit, I seek to walk with You today and let You guide all my doings, all I say and think. With Your help, Christ’s vision will show me all that is real and I will easily disregard the unreal as meaningless. With Your help, I will experience the joy of being God’s Son, united with Love, everywhere and beyond time. Thus will I not see with the body’s eyes, but instead see with the Light of Love and remember my Creator.
Holy Spirit, I take my dreams to you today and let them be brought to the truth. I would not hold on to sick dreams and protect them by continuing to make them appear real in my eyes. I would hand over these dreams with an open mind.
I am willing for these dreams to be translated into Christ’s vision, where all true vision lies. I am willing to remember that all are in Heaven now and have never left. I am willing to remember that only God’s Will is real. I am willing to let go of the ego’s lies. I am willing to let them be washed away in God’s healing Light. I will not use the body’s eyes today to make illusions real.
 The ultimate proof of God’s existence will come 
through your own experience in meditation. 
Once you have found him in the Cathedral of 
silent meditation in the depths of your soul, 
you will find him everywhere.
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” 
― Omar Khayyám, The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
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