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Eye Opener (1950)
Centuries ago a man learned to ignite wood artificially. 
No one in the world today knows his name,
but all modern inventions are directly or indirectly traceable to his act.
 What his name is doesn’t matter, 
but every skyscraper in the world is his monument. 
His name perished as all names are apt to do, 
but his almost juvenile act of starting fire by friction
will live as long as civilization does.
A single word you utter might kindle a fire 
that would burn through the ages.
“There is a Higher Love waiting for you. What will you give up
in exchange for this Higher Love? What you have to sacrifice is
everything that is lower than this Higher Love.
There are hundreds, thousands of ways in which you act and react
and think and plan that you can, with strong work, detect as 
obstacles to you possessing this higher state of love, which is the
same thing as the state of authentic and lasting happiness. What
will you give up? — that’s the question, and I have given you some
of the answers, and I will tell you very specifically what you
will have to abandon in order to find the life of Higher Love.”
from a talk given 7/9/1988 AM
Twenty Four Hours A Day  SEPT.7,2016
Thought for the Day 
Another of the mottoes of A.A. is “Easy Does It.” This means that 
we just go along in A.A. doing the best we can and not getting steamed 
up over problems that arise in A.A. or outside of it. We alcoholics 
are emotional people and we have gone to excess in almost everything 
we have done. We have not been moderate in many things. We have not 
known how to relax. Faith in a Higher Power can help us to learn to 
take it easy. We are not running the world. I am only one among many. 
We are resolved to live normal, regular lives. From our A.A. 
experience we learn that “easy does it.” Have I Learned to take 
it easy? 
Meditation for the Day 
“The eternal God is Thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting 
arms.” Sheltering arms express the loving protection of God’s spirit. 
Human beings, in their troubles and difficulties, need nothing so 
much as a refuge, a place to relax where they can lay down their 
burdens and get relief from cares. Say to yourself- “God is my refuge.” 
Say it until its truth sinks into your very soul. Say it until you 
know it and are sure of it. Nothing can seriously upset you or make 
you afraid, if God is truly your refuge. 
Prayer for the Day 
I pray that I may go each day to God as a refuge until fear goes and 
peace and security come. I pray that I may feel deeply secure in the 
Haven of His spirit.

What more can life demand of us 
then that we do the best we can and try to improve. 
The Science of Mind page 383
“I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity”
Jules Winnfield, Samuel Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction

Gamble everything for love,
 if you’re a true human being. 
If not, leave this gathering. 
Half-hearted doesn’t reach into Majesty.
You set out to find God, 
but then you keep stopping for long periods
 of mean spirited roadhouses.
 Rumi (from “Birdsong” translated by Coleman Barks)

ACIM Workbook Lesson 249 Insights
“Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.”
Father, today I would remember You. I would remember the truth. Opening my mind to Your healing Light ends my nightmares of separation. Opening my mind to Your healing Light ends my belief in all lack, sorrow and pain. I would quiet my mind today and let my thoughts be healed of all false ideas. Today I would give my mind to You.
I open to Your comfort and peace. I rest in Your healing Light. Today is a day of healing. Today is a day of letting go of the false world of separation. Today is a day of forgiveness. Today is a happy day because forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.
When I look at my experience honestly, I see that every irritation or discomfort of any kind reflects a grievance I am holding in my mind. In some way I want my world to be different than what I perceive it is. The key word here is “perceive.” Perception is not reality. It is an interpretation. Interpretation can change. Herein is the basis of salvation. When I give my perceptions to the Holy Spirit, He can bring me a new interpretation that replaces illusion with the reality of Love.
If I would experience a world full of joy, abundance and endless giving, I must give up my grievances. I must forgive. I do this by bringing every grievance, every thought of judgment, every thought of conflict to the Holy Spirit. Then I must open my mind to His gentle and loving teaching, which will show me the truth behind the false images I have mistaken for the truth.
Love is ever present. If I am not aware of It, it is because I have misinterpreted what I perceive. My mind needs correction. Today I would practice once again bringing all my thoughts to the Holy Spirit for Him to shine His kind and loving Light upon them. This is the path that will lead me Home. It is the path that will lead me to full recognition of my Self as Love created me.
Oh, how I have come to depend on this process of turning over to Holy Spirit all thoughts that do not serve! What a relief it is not to carry around these destructive thoughts. What a more joyful world I now live in and how much more loving it is.
I used to feel such frustration and anger because first I didn’t understand why my life was such a mess. Then I didn’t know how to change my thoughts to manifest a better life. And it turned out to be so simple. Just give Holy Spirit the thoughts you don’t want to reflect into your life. Ask Him for another way to think. Accept God’s love and comfort. Wow! Couldn’t be easier.
Sometimes I still hold stubbornly to a painful thought, or deny for awhile that I am doing this, but I know that when I’ve decided to step out of fear and pain, Holy Spirit is there to help me. I feel so blessed and so grateful.
 In every atom of this astounding universe,
God is ceaselessly working miracles. 
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Waste not your Hour, nor in the vain pursuit 
Of This and That endeavor and dispute; 
Better be merry with the fruitful Grape 
Than sadden after none, or bitter, fruit.” 
― Omar Khayyám
Ron Richey
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