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Tibetan Buddhist Monk Teaching this Thursday 6/30/16

Visiting Tibetan Buddhist Monk Teaching this Thursday 6/30/16
-On Thursday, June 30 2016 we are very happy to be hosting an evening with Chamtrul Rinpoche, who will be leading our evening meditation and giving a talk on a powerful meditation practice aimed at developing compassion called Tonglen, at our home at 3241 Alani Drive, In Manoa from 6 to 7:30 PM. As with all our activities, the program is free and open to the public.
We hosted him back in 2014 and many folks said they were pleased with his presentation.
If you have a meditation cushion please bring; if not, no worries.The front door opens at 5:50. Note: please do not park in the driveway, as we share this rented house with another couple and we do not want them to be blocked in. Thanks!

About Chamtrul Rinpoche

Chamtrul Rinpoche is knowledgeable in both the meditative arts and Buddhist
philosophy and is an excellent source for understanding key concepts in Buddhism. He received a Khenpo degree, the equivalent to a Ph.D. in Buddhist studies, while under the guidance of His Holiness Jigme Phunsok Rinpoche. 
Rinpoche speaks fluent English.

Rinpoche left his monastery in Tibet and began teaching in Dharmsala India, and later taught internationally in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Israel and most of Asia. 
Always ready to give Dharma teachings wherever they are needed, Rinpoche
dedicates his life to help people find inner peace. In his own words: 
“I try to the best of my ability to promote the view, meditation and conduct of non-violence, which is the indispensable source for the spread and enhancement of the inner peace of mind.”
Chamtrul Rinpoche will also be leading sessions fromFriday July1 through Monday July 4 at the Bodhi Tree Meditation Center as well as at Dragon’s Collection in University Square.
A flyer about these events will be available at our place this Thursday. For more information, or to reserve a space for the Bodhi Tree event, call Margy at 808-537-1171
Please share this email with friends who may be interested.
Tom, Katina, Uilalani and Kupaianaha for Aloha Sangha

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