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“Spiritual success starts when weariness with not winning is replaced by weariness with not understanding.”
     A Treasury of Trueness, # 1015

“God himself has made it possible for you to live without the dark place and the pains that rush out and flood out and take you over. Your choice of wanting to see and work is essential
to you if you want to get rid of your feeling of emptiness, of futility. You’ve lied to yourself and said, ‘I know what to do to get rid of the pain.’ You’ve never gotten rid of the pain
and that’s evidence of self-deceit. You have to stop playing cruel tricks on yourself. So stop. Now.”
Your Power of Natural Knowing, p. 106


“Man in his present state is incomplete, like a half-finished cathedral. So the aim of life is self-completion. Once attained, the noise and confusion that accompanies construction is heard no more. So if you are tired of psychic noise, complete yourself.
Then, you will no longer fear anyone or anything.”
    700 Inspiring Guides To A New Life, # 341

“If you fall off the path a thousand times you pick yourself up  a thousand times, and that is all there is to it.”
     The Power of Esoterics, p. 150

“Learn it today and it will guide you tomorrow.”
            Cosmic Command, # 219

“Refuse to consent to anxiety – and watch what happens.”
             Esoteric Mind Power, p. 142

“Q: All of us have an uneasy feeling that we might be found out.
Will you please discuss this?
A: We fear exposure only when hiding something. Innocence is fear-
less. A merchant complained of nervousness and irritability. A wise
man told him, ‘Stop trying to pass off faulty merchandise as quality
goods. No wonder you are anxious. You are in nervous fear of being
found out.’ The merchant’s nervousness vanished as he followed the
wise man’s advice.”
       Treasury of Positive Answers, # 530

“Being good is the only practical and truly pleasurable state you can ever have. Don’t you know how miserable it is to be bad, with all the guilt and all the shame and all the hot emotions?
You know what it means to be bad! To be bad makes you feel bad.
If you want to feel good, be good. And now you have a whole course in just one evening on how to reach this goodness which will make you happy and free at last.”
 SOLVED The Mystery of Life, p. 76

An individual does not have dozens of problems. He has only one fundamental problem. Realizing this is like leaping over a high fence that blocked our path.
What is it?
It is the illusion that ordinary thinking can solve problems.
Ordinary thought, conditioned thought, cannot solve problems because it is the very cause of problems. Habitual thinking, frozen thinking, cannot teach us anything new, any more than
a polar bear can teach anything about tropical bananas. It is strange how we fail to see this. Furiously and frantically, we  battle for years in an attempt to think our way out, but new walls appear at every turn.
A totally new way of thinking is required. This thinking does not look to conditioned memory for an answer. Instead, the mind waits
quietly for something higher than memory to speak. The resulting answer solves all problems.”
    Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 144

“Q. But if I see that I don’t know what it is all about, I will be scared.
A. Subconsciously, you already know that you do not know, but refuse to face it. Face it, let your fear swell up to consciousness, and it will disappear.”
 Pathways to Perfect Living, p. 49

‘You have taught us how to listen correctly,’ said Diane in class, ‘such as by setting aside hardened opinions.
As additional aid, please explain how an insincere person listens to a lecture about truth.’
‘Like a fox stalking a flock of geese. An enemy of geese, his only aim is to pounce on one of them. It makes no difference which goose he attacks; the attack is all that matters. An insincere listener watches for anything to pounce upon, even the lecturer’s way of dressing. This is the listener’s desperate  attempt to escape the anxiety of hearing truths he does not want
to hear. Also, he hopes his pouncing will induce others to do likewise, for he is scared of standing alone. No matter how authoritative or educated he may appear to be, no one is more
miserable than a pouncer.’
To attack truth in an attempt to escape anxiety over hearing the  truth will only increase anxiety.”
    Inspire Yourself, p. 44

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