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We will intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle us. The Promises, #11

We will intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle us. The Promises, #11

This is what I mean when I say God does not speak English, He speaks through our Intuition, Ron

Intuition comes from the Latin word “intueri” which means to look inside, or to contemplate, it is the ability to acquire knowledge from within.
Coincidence means, that two events happen at the same time… like thinking about someone just as that person just happens to phone you at that exact time…when this happens it is never an accident.
Or you are walking down the street thinking of someone , and you suddenly bump into them.
That person and you are connected in ways that your eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue cannot show you, but your Intuition did.
Have you ever had a feeling that you should not have done or said something, or went somewhere you know that you should not have, but you went ahead and did it anyway… then you said…I knew I should not have done that, that’s right you knew… your Intuition told you…but because you were not aware of your Intuition, you ignored it any way.
There is another way to explain this, if someone is asleep say on the couch, you don’t put a book in front of them and say read this!! You wait until they are awake and then give them the book… well when you are unconscious, you are asleep.. and your Intuition is the book…you don’t know your Intuition is there, but when you are conscious, you are now awake, and now you can become aware of your Intuition, it is the book…
Extra-sensory perception or (ESP) and multi-sensory perception (MSP) and Intuition are the same thing. ESP is outside and above the five senses that we all possess, and it is more than that, it is a very sophisticated system that allows us to see more than we can with the five senses we have, it allows us to connect or reconnect to each other, a connection that we simply forgot that we all have.
We all have this ability, we all have MSP/ESP because we are all one… therefore oneness is our natural state of being.
The five senses require you to pay attention to what is outside of you… Intuition and MSP require the exact opposite, you pay attention to what is happening inside of you…this is the biggest difference to five sensory perception and multi-sensory perception.
Listening to your Intuition is like ignoring all of your five senses that you know you have, it is there if you can take the time to listen to it, go beyond all the noise, all thoughts, smells, go to the Stillness that is in your mind, and it is there, forever trying to communicate with you.
When you are angry, afraid, jealous, vengeful, or emotional in any way, you block all your MSP,s… and you cannot hear your Intuition at all.
These emotions are too turbulent, they block your awareness, trying to hear your Intuition when you are upset or emotional is like trying to find a needle in a haystack… it is still there, but you can’t hear it, it is the same with loves presence, it is there also, but you can’t feel it.
Imagine been able to hear your Intuition every minute, well you can do this but first you have to train your mind.
Never go to bed angry, or emotional in any way, your intuition works best when you feel light… anger and all other emotions are heavy, that’s why when you let your anger, judgments, and all emotions go, you feel better… you feel lighter.
The same goes for regret, guilt, shame, jealousy, let all these go, and you will feel so so much better, this is why forgiveness is so important to yourself, this is the key to you feeling better, forgiveness takes care of all emotions, without exceptions, and you will feel better.
Now you have let all these go, and you are feeling better, and lighter, the weight of the world is now off your shoulders, there is an extra bonus, you are now in good shape to get in touch with your Intuition.
Next you must believe that you have Intuition, and most importantly, you need trust, trust is essential for you to manifest Intuition within yourself.
You can’t stop your Intuition from working, but you can put blocks into your awareness to keep yourself from hearing it…
Last but not least… your Intuition will always answer all your questions, it will never fail to give you an answer… listen to what your Intuition tells you… a lot of people hear answers that they don’t like, so they pretend that they don’t hear it, or just ignore what they don’t want to hear.
Getting in touch with your Intuition is the third step towards a higher consciousness, coming after first, imagination, and second inspiration, Intuition is regarded as a constant commonality between earthly knowledge, and the higher spiritual knowledge, and appears as flashes of illumination.
Intuition can be said to be a comprehensive grip of the principles of universality, a person who develops Intuition can know anything, without the barriers of time, space and any other obstructions, it is the belief in the ability to see any event, any object from a viewpoint of the cosmic whole, from its culmination, the knowing of something, without prior knowledge, or the use of reason.
4 Ways to find life’s questions using Intuition
                                                    1. Inner voice
Many people report a still inner voice, your Intuition will communicate with you in a compassionate, loving manner that is perceptibly different from your normal inner chatter.
When you are faced with a dilemma, ask yourself” what is the best course of action to take” then pause for a few minutes in silence and meditation, and think about all your options, one then will leap out at you, if not, then go deeper and ask the question again, and remember to trust your Intuition, it is trying to give you the answer, an answer will appear, you might not like it, sometimes we don’t want to hear what is best for us, or you might say bingo, got it, that is what i will do, then write down three small steps that will take you in the direction that you choose.
                                                        2. Dreams.
You can receive a wealth of guidance when you learn to ask for Intuition insight from your dreams. Our minds are still active and racing with thoughts while we sleep.
As we repay our daily anxieties in our dream state, we are sometimes given answers and solutions to our problems. Often these answers are revealed to us through symbols.
When you go to bed try to summarize the issue you need resolved into a question, and as you meditate and drift off to sleep, state the question to yourself.
Before you become fully awake in the morning ask yourself, what is the answer to my question, try to remember your dream. And what it symbolized, and see if the answer was in your dream.
You may not remember the details of the dream, but you will have awakened with the answer placed somewhere, it could be in the dream, or that it could just appear to you as an intuitive answer then and there.
This is just as equally a valid way of receiving intuitive guidance in your sleep state.
                                                        3. Emotions.
Intuitive information often comes through our feelings or emotions. You may simply feel right about a certain course of action, or you might experience a sense of distrust about an individual or situation.
Part of learning to trust your Intuition is remembering to ask “does this decision make me happy” or do I feel energized by this decision ?
There are many ways to ask the question, and experience the answer, but here is the truth… your Intuition will provide you with information to make positive choices.
You have a magnificent inner guidance system, and it will not make you feel bad, or give you negative answers, if it does then it is not your Intuition you are listening to, but your ego, remember your ego will always try to give you negative answers and will always want you to feel bad.
                                             4. Physical Sensations
The Japanese call Intuition “stomach art”. We call it “gut feelings”. You might find that your body feels heavy if you make a wrong decision. Or you might feel light and experience “chills” if you have made the correct decision.
If you have made a decision and your stomach feels heavy or like there is a knot in it, your Intuition is imploring you to reconsider your options.
You must understand that your Intuition is warning you about proceeding with your decision, you may not comprehend it on a rational level, or that you have a choice, remember you always have a choice.
How many times have you ignored signals from your body, only later to say to yourself, I wish I had trusted my gut instinct?

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