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This above all, to refuse to be a victim. Unless I can do that I can do nothing. --Margaret Atwood We have often become victims by seeing themselves as saviors. We forgot that we have needs too. We thought if we gave enough, our needs would … [Read more]


Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more.  --Louis L'Amour   How much fuller each day feels when we can be patient and accept the inches we have progressed. Yet, we are aware of … [Read more]


There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his. --Helen Keller The human race is a huge mixture of dignity and degradation and everyone inherits the blend. We can respect the … [Read more]

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Heaven ne'er helps the men who will not act.  --Sophocles   Growing into wholeness is a journey into greater responsibility for our lives. We have choices to make every day. Taking responsibility means choosing between the options we have and then … [Read more]

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All of my life I been like a doubled up fist... poundin', smashin', drivin' - now I'm going to loosen these doubled up hands and touch things easy with them.  --Tennessee Williams   Every person has many sides. Some sides are highly developed and … [Read more]

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Stop throwing that blame around   “There are two kinds of people in the world,” a friend explained to me one day. “There are the ones who blame other people for everything that happens. And there are the ones who blame themselves.”   Have you … [Read more]

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The readiness is all. --William Shakespeare Our concept of control was flawed. This program leads us into a New World. Here we meet the fact that we are powerless to change some aspects of ourselves. But we can become ready to be changed. That … [Read more]

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That's what happens when you're angry at people. You make them part of your life. --Garrison Keillor   Our problems with anger and our problems in relationships go hand in hand. Some of us have held back our anger, which led to resentment of our … [Read more]

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Love can be its own reward. --Arnold Label The feeling of attachment, of being related, of caring about someone, is what life is all about. Before recovery, we may have feared we could not love anyone. When we feel love, we may also feel cheated … [Read more]


We cannot merely pray to You, 0 God, to end war; For we know that You have made the world in a way That man must find his own path to peace Within himself and with his neighbor. --Jack Riemer   Our conscious contact with God can be … [Read more]

Bill W., 75, Dies; Jan. 27, 1971 – New York Times News Service Cofounder Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Bill W., 75, Dies; Cofounder Of Alcoholics Anonymous Jan. 27, 1971 - New York Times News Service NEW YORK — William Griffith Wilson died late Sunday night January 24, 1971 and, with the announcement of his death, was revealed to have been the Bill … [Read more]

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Acting As If   The behavior we call "acting as if' can be a powerful recovery tool. Acting as if is a way to practice the positive. It's a positive form of pretending. It's a tool we use to get ourselves unstuck. It's a tool we make a conscious … [Read more]

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The perfection of innocence, indeed, is madness. --Arthur Miller   We've all said, "I didn't do anything. Don't blame me; I didn't mean any harm." Overdevelopment of innocence contradicts our spiritual growth. The painful truth is, we do have an … [Read more]

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Vulnerability   Some of us may have made a decision that no one was ever going to hurt us again. We may automatically go on "feelings freeze mode" when faced with emotional pain. Or, we may terminate a relationship the first time we feel hurt. Hurt … [Read more]

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There is no method or discipline or system of any kind that can ever command the spirit to be present.  --Tom Sampon A person in the process of growth and recovery asks the question, "How shall I develop a relationship with my Higher Power?" The … [Read more]

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Don’t Do Anything About It Let anything that happens to you happen and just sit there and watch it. Don’t interfere with it. Don’t do anything about it. Don’t try to correct it. Don’t try to ease the pain, the tension, the anxiety. Just sit there … [Read more]